Saturday, December 15, 2012

What can I say...I'm back? Thank you for reading!

So it's been almost a full year since I posted anything. There have been some major life changes going on (mostly positive, thankfully), and both nail polish and blogging have had to take a back seat.

I miss it, though. I miss it a ton, and reading other blogs only makes me want to get  back into blogging. But I'm a little hesitant. 

There are even more great blogs out there than before, with dozens and dozens of new brands and trends. My worry is that I wouldn't ever be able to catch up.

SO...I've pretty much accepted the fact that I won't actually be able to catch up. However, I would like to pick it up again. Yeah, I've missed a lot. But I would really like to get back into the game. Not really playing catch-up, just starting again from right now.

I do have a lot of older gems I still want to show you guys, so I'll have a few swatches of older products. But my fear is that there are just SO many terrific blogs out there that I will no longer be relevant. So I guess we'll see. I hope that, if I start swatching again, people are still interested in reading! :)

How have you guys been doing? I've missed the community like crazy!!!!!!

PS: I'll be having a blog sale soon, so stay tuned!


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