Saturday, December 24, 2011

OPI The Muppets Collection

Is it really the end of December already? I'm having such a hard time wrapping my brain around that concept. The new year will be here before we know it! So, just in time, I (finally!) have the OPI Holiday 2011 Collection...The Muppets! The collection consists of twelve polishes--six glitters and six shimmer. I was going to break them up into two posts, but since I'm already late to the party, I decided to put them all in one review. I adore the Muppets, so I was super excited for this collection to come out! As a kid I was obsessed with the Muppet Babies TV show, as well as the original.

The formula on these varied slightly. The shimmers, for the most part, applied nicely. The glitters were trickier, and required a little maneuvering of the brush to get a somewhat even coat. Drying time was quick for the majority of the polishes, and most require a topcoat, though I am not wearing one in these swatches.

ANYWAY, take a look and see how you feel about these polishes and see if you think they do the Muppets justice!

Designer, de Better! is an interesting foil--the base is a champagne-colored hue that has copper pieces throughout. If you click to enlarge, you can see the orange-red copper sparkle better. From far away, the color looks like what you'd get if you melted silver and gold together, I think. The orange gives it kind of a rosy finish, though. Very nice surprise, because the press release described it simply as a "light metallic bronze," but it's much more interesting than that. Fun, but demure enough to be considered "conservative," I would think. To me it looks like a less peach-y version of OPI Pros & Bronze. I used two coats for an even coverage, and it dries quickly to that smooth foil finish. Removal was easy, but little pieces of orange still clung to my fingers afterwards. Which Muppet is that name referencing, though? Miss Piggy? I'm not sure.

Gone Gonzo! is named after my second-favorite Muppet, Gonzo, but it reminds me more of la fabulous Kellie of Also Known As...! Gone Gonzo! is a mix of icy blue glitter and larger silver hexagon glitter in a clear base. Unfortunately, five out of the six glitters in this collection are sheer, and this baby's one of them. Above is three rather thick coats. I found that the best way to apply the glitters was to spread a thick first coat onto the nail, let it dry, and then dot clumps of glitter on and move them around. They dry pretty quickly, so it's not terribly time-consuming, but you can still see parts of my nail through the clear base. These glitters in the collection dry bumpy, but not gritty, so that's a plus. I would definitely throw a topcoat on over. This is probably best suited for layering.

Up next is Warm & Fozzie. The base is a warm brown foil with pink, red, and gold-ish bronze particles. I wouldn't call it a duochrome per se, but it does seem to flash different colors in different lights. Unfortunately, I didn't get a great picture of the color shift, but it can reflect as a purple-ish raisin hue now and again. What I like is that they took what could have been a run-of-the-mill brown shimmer and spiced it up with different pieces of color. What I didn't like was the formula. It pooled up at my cuticles if I wasn't careful. I thought I had waited long enough for it to dry in between coats, but when I went to put on the second coat, I ended up with some bald spots and had to wait a few minutes before I could but the third coat on. Named for Fozzie Bear, of course.

Can someone please explain to me what is up with the name Fresh Frog of Bel Air? I mean, I get that it's a play on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will Smith in a wind breaker with that fade flat top hairstyle still gets me weak in the knees--the 90s was a great decade for television shows, no?) but seriously, huh? What does one have to do with the other? I can't be too harsh though, as it is named after my all-time favorite Muppet, Kermit the Frog. I even have a tiny picture of him on my bedroom wall at my parents' house. As for the actual polish, though, I'm not crazy about it. Similar to Gone Gonzo!, but with green glitter instead of blue. Another one to try layered over something. Above is three coats, and you can definitely see the nail peeking out from underneath.

OPI does some killer reds, and Animal-istic is no exception. Ignore the polish on my skin, please! Animal-isitc is a tomato red with that awesome kind of shimmer that makes it look like it's glowing from within the polish. The base color is pretty warm, and the shimmer is bright, but not overly sparkly. It reminds me of OPI Love is a Racket, but warmer and slightly less shimmery. I used two coats, but I barely have nails past my fingertips, so anyone with longer nails might need three to avoid visible nail line. It dried quickly and smooth. I'm going to guess this polish was named after darling Animal.

It wouldn't be an OPI collection without a completely nutty name like Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!, now would it? This glitter is similar to the previous two, except that in addition to red glitter and silver hexagon glitter, it has a red hexagon glitter, too. It's even sheerer than the others, though; above is four coats, and there is obviously major bare nail coming through. It reminds me of Valentine's Day in kindergarten, where there's always paper hearts and Elmer's glue and red glitter scattered all over the place. Clearly named for Miss Piggy, that little diva.

Onto Wocka Wocka!, a pretty funny name for a nail polish.
      "What are you wearing?"
      "Why, Wocka Wocka!, of course!"
Another red, but this polish gave me some troubles. The formula on this shimmer is thicker, and while it was nowhere near impossible to paint with evenly, it didn't flow onto my nail like the other ones in this collection. Again, please excuse the red blotches on my skin. This one stains pretty bad, so remove with caution. I used two coats, and it was mostly smooth, but it didn't dry as glossy as I would have thought. Instead, it had a very very slight satin feel to it. Nothing too crazy, though. It reminds me of OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress. It's a pretty color, but we've all seen this one before. A few people have mentioned that it's slightly duochrome, but it didn't appear that way to me. Then again, not a lot of sunlight happening over here, so I may just have missed it. And I guess this makes the second Fozzie Bear reference for the collection, the name being his catch phrase and all.

I like Divine Swine. I'm not exactly sure what it is about this particular polish, but I like it. It's basically the quadruplet of Gone Gonzo!, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, and Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!, but with dark lavender glitter. There also seems to be more silver hexagon glitter in this one than in the others, but that might just be my imagination. Again, three coats, visible nail below, probably gonna layer it, use a topcoat. On a different note, does anyone else think it's weird that they made four glitters in the collection similar to one another, using the same idea (silver hexagon+colored glitter) but only one (Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!) had both silver hexagon glitter and red hexagon glitter to match the regular glitter? Just caught my attention. Another Miss Piggy reference, right?

The name Meep-Meep-Meep just puts a smile on my face. This red is definitely more berry than tomato, with magenta and purple flashes. Similar to Animal-istic, with the lit-from-within quality. This one really sparkles in the light. There also seems to be some gold or light orange flash of color from time to time, but I found it difficult to pinpoint. I probably could have done two coats, but I ended up with three, to even everything out. The formula was smooth on the nail, but each time I dipped the brush into the bottle, it felt a little sticky. Weird. It didn't seem to harm the application, though. It does dry slightly bumpy, so I'd wear a topcoat with this one. I wish OPI would make tons of this type of polish, with all different colors: greens, blues, maybe a black polish that flashes different colors? That would be sick. I'm guessing the polish is referencing Beaker, who was famous for saying "Meep." I remember in elementary school for a while it was funny to say "meep" instead of something like "dammit!" Kids would drop their pencils or whatever and you'd hear them say "Ugh, mee-eep!" Yeah, third graders are cool...

Rainbow Connection looks like a birthday party barfed on my nails, and I love it. My picture really does not do it justice. Above is three coats of small glitter and hexagon glitter in all different colors. I'm disappointed with all the shots I got of it; the colors look dull on the computer. In real life, it's much more colorful and fun. A lot of companies came out with their own version of this polish, but I'm pretty sure everyone acknowledges Lippmann Collection Happy Birthday as the OG mulitcolored glitter polish. The formula is similar to the glitters shown above. I think this would look great layered over essentially any color polish. Rainbow Connection is one of my favorite songs ever. Cheesy as hell, I know, but I can't help it. Even funnier is Andy Bernard's version of it on The Office, when he sings it in Pig Latin to attempt to woo Pam. This polish is definitely one of my favorites in the collection.

Pepe's Purple Passion is a wine-raisin purple, with sparkly shimmer within. I like the idea in theory, but in actual practice, the shimmer kind of falls flat and is barely noticeable a lot of the time. It also dries bumpy (I think due to the shimmer?), and that really makes it lose some of its shiny finish. I think it's a good color for a sophisticated dark nail, but I believe it was intended to be more dazzling than it actually turned out. The formula was nice, though. I used two coats, and, while it was thick like Wocka Wocka!, this one evened itself out and didn't streak. The polish is named for Pepe, of course, who--if we're being completely honest--used to give me the creeps as a kid. I think it's because he had so many arms? Who knows. I dig his hairdo, though. PS, I'm glad I managed to get polish on my fingertips yet again! Haha I'm a mess today!

We'll shut it down tonight with Excuse Moi. Excuse Moi is the sixth glitter in the set, but unlike any of the previous ones. Instead of a clear base, it's a rose-tinted one with silver round glitter and all sorts of different colors of microglitter. It's very, very pretty and colorful. I love the way this one sparkles. Each nail seems to catch a ton of light with those glitter particles. It reminds me of a darker version of OPI Teenage Dream, actually. I could have done two medium coats, but I ended up using three thin coats. This one dries gritty and bumpy, so you will definitely want a topcoat to go with it. Once again, a Miss Piggy reference!

Whew! Twelve polishes later and I'm ready for bed. Basically, here are my thoughts on it.

The good:
- The Muppets theme. Awesome.
- Colorful.
- OPI is known for their reds, and I like that they're putting a new spin on classic colors with different formulas and finishes.
- The formula for most of the shimmers was nice. Most of the glitters weren't terrible.
- Removal of most of the glitters wasn't bad at all. I just pressed a cotton ball of acetone against the nail for about ten seconds, then firmly wiped away the polish. Most of it came off in the first try.

The bad:
- Removing Excuse Moi was a royal pain in the tush.
- Five of the six glitters are very sheer. I don't get why they made one glitter opaque (Excuse Moi) and the rest not. I feel like the press release duped a lot of us into thinking that the glitters would either have a base color or simply be more opaque with better coverage. This is not the first time I've let myself get excited by a press release, only to be disappointed when the actual polishes show up (I'm looking at YOU, Katy Perry Collection!)
- This is silly, but if you're going to have a collection based on the Muppets, maybe assign one color to each character? I mean, do we really need two Fozzie polishes. Or three (possibly four) Miss Piggy references? I get that she's into beauty, and this is nail polish, after all, but still.

Overall, I do like this collection. I'm not head-over-heels in love with it, but I do like it. My personal favorites are Rainbow Connection, Divine Swine, Animal-istic, Excuse Moi and Meep-Meep-Meep. As far as the glitters go, I am going to layer them over black, white, and other base colors in a separate post, so if there are any color combinations you'd like to see, let me know! I also have pictures of them at one, two, and three coats so that it's easy to see how much they build up with each layer.

What do YOU think? Any colors you had to have? Did you see the movie? What color combos have you tried that you liked? Leave a comment and let us know!!!

Have a terrific Christmas, for those who celebrate. To everyone, have a wonderful weekend, and be safe! Thanks for stopping by! :D
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  1. I was very interested in getting the glitters until I saw the first swatches. I would probably have bought them if they didn't need to be used layered, but the sheerness made me skip them.
    I did buy meep meep meep though, because I fell in love with the colour. I wasn't impressed with neither drying time nor quality though. :/ (I posted about it here: . :)

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