Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OPI Blue Shatters Collection

AHHHH! That's the sound I make when I'm screaming in frustration--I love it when my computer crashes! I've been a little MIA recently, what with my computer deciding to go on strike and the fault internet connection that left me without internet access for a few days. I'm such a child of this technology-addicted generation! :P

But anyway, this post is not about me and my computer woes, it's about the OPI Blue Shatters Collection. At least, I think that's the name of it. These three crackle polishes came out earlier this spring, so it's only natural for me to be reviewing them in September. Ahem.

I like shatter polish and all, but I was never really on the whole crackle polish trend that swept the nail polish nation this year. Maybe every once in a while, but it's not a look I wear very often (or, at all really.) Either way, take a look at these polishes and see how you feel about them!

Blue Shatter is a medium blue shimmer, pictured above over OPI Alpine Snow. Since I used it over such a light base color, it Blue Shatter looks lighter than it really is. It didn't crackle a ton--more like formed big chunks of color.

Navy Shatter is a darker blue with a jelly-ish formula. It crackles much more than the other two colors of this collection, probably due to its thin formula. The pattern it forms is a set of narrow, straight up and down set of lines. Shown over China Glaze Millennium.

Last we have Turquoise Shatter, which hardly seemed to crackle at all. It was hard to get a clear picture of this polish for whatever reason. Turquoise Shatter is also a shimmer and dries similar to Blue Shatter. Shown over Entity Pearl Violet.

How do you guys feel about these polishes? I know I'm pretty late in the game, but did guys scoop any of these up? Are you still into the crackle trend, or are you wanting to move on? Sorry that some of the pictures aren't very clear, but it was quite a chore trying to take good ones! And now I'm off to try and update the Polish Reviews Directory. Exciting stuff!
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  1. I like crackle polish but try not to wear it too often, otherwise I get bored. Plus it's annoying how some colors seem to crack better than others. I kind of wonder what the point is if it barely crackles at all and you just have weird blocks of color on your nail. It works for me sometimes, other times it doesn't :)

  2. navy brings something different to the table. the turq. crackles like crap from all the swatches ive seen.

  3. I just started wearing crackle polish and I feel so far behind the trend. I still like it though, but I only have black...I like these blues one a lot.

  4. These are really pretty but I don't really wear crackle either I only did when they first came out now not so much..

  5. I like this ;D

  6. what i love in the design,is it always look normal even it is almost fade.

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  9. I bought navy and turquoise. Love the navy, turquoise was very disappointing. And I was over the trend pretty quick. I like my nails to look tidy and the shatter/crackles looks messy


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