Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OPI Touring America Collection Part II

Hey, guys! Ready for the second part of the OPI Touring America Collection? If you haven't seen the first part already, take a gander at the first six polishes here!

French Quarter For Your Thoughts is a dingy gray creme, and I mean "dingy" in a good way. I don't care for it, but I know others will. Two coats and it was perfect. Aren't the veins in the bottle weird? A few of the polishes were like that, but it didn't seem to affect the application. This one is pretty similar to Suzi Takes the Wheel from part one. OPI does that sometimes, though: releases a collection with at least one pair of polishes are from the same family. Like the Swiss Collection (I and II.)

Ready for really crappy shots of A-Taupe the Space Needle? This little number was hard to get in a picture! It's a light brown taupe with olive green undertones. Below is a blurry shot that captures the green a little better.
Two coats for a very smooth application.

Are We There Yet? is a dusty melon pink. I had to use three coats because it was slightly streaky. I know I already  mentioned this in part one, but I found it odd that the cremes of the collection were so smooth and the shimmers gave me some application issues. Maybe it's just me?

I actually like Color to Diner For. It's a brick red shimmer, but the color is slightly darkened. Kind of like the darker colored bricks in the group on a brick front house, if that makes sense. This shimmer only needed two coats. Also, I love diners. Love them. I wasn't going to post this color and NOT mention my unnatural love for any place that serves corned beef hash, waffles, and hash browns at all hours of the night.

Get in the Expresso Lane is a dark blackened brown creme. Similar to I Brake For Manicures, also in the first part. Good application, though; two coats.

Honk If You Love OPI is a dark eggplant creme. Nice and vampy, but we've seen this before. Reminds me of William Tell Me About OPI or other dark colors. Maybe not dupes, but certainly similar, if not more purple and a little lighter.

I don't love these colors. I just don't. But I know that other people really go for these, and I can appreciate that. This particular collection just isn't my cup of tea. The polishes have, for the most part, very good formulas, and even the ones that weren't great are definitely doable. What do you guys think? Did you buy any of these colors? What would you have liked to see? And, do these colors remind you of America? As always, comment your opinions, and check out the first six polishes if you haven't yet!
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  1. I have to be honest, I love your blog, but these colors do NOTHING for me,I am shocked @ OPI, because this line is uugghh! Most of these colors look like colors we have seen before.

  2. hi

    do you think in the future you can show us your trick for an at home manicure?


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