Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miss Universe by OPI Collection

This year the Miss Universe® competition is going to be held in São Paulo, Brazil on September 12th, and OPI has been named the official nail care sponsor! The Miss Universe by OPI Collection is a set of four limited edition polishes that are bold and tons of fun! It feels like only a few years ago OPI was producing what seemed like reds and pinks and reds and pinks and a random bright color from time to time. Sure, they had a few knockout colors, but those seemed few and far between. Nowadays, I am smitten with the leaps OPI is taking, punching out different hues. Do you guys feel the same way, or am I a little nuts? Take a look and see what you think!

It's MY Year is a slightly muted grape base with gold shimmer. It's described as rose-champagne, but I'm not really seeing it. It required two coats.
It has the same almost foil-like quality due to the large amount of shimmer. It's similar to Rally Pretty Pink, only more purple. I actually like that they make colors that are similar, but still different enough to own both. Plus, if you don't like one, you can opt for the other and see if it fits you better...well, that's how I feel, anyway haha. I'll compare the two soon.
Just another shot to show the purple base better.

Congeniality is My Middle Name is a berry shimmer with wine undertones. The shimmer sets it apart, though. There's even hidden little duochrome shimmer-type particles that flash blue. I wouldn't call it a duochrome per se, but in certain lights you can pick it up. This one was also two coats. It's quite similar to The One That Got Away, but a little darker. I can't compare them, though, because I gifted it to my dear best friend Allison. By the way, if you have a tumblr, you should check out hers!
 This picture gives a better indication of the base color.
Blurry, but it really captures the glowy shimmer! Oh, and the name reminds me of Miss Congeniality. Man, I love that movie.

I fell in love right away with Swimsuit...Nailed It! I don't get the name, so if you do, please enlighten me, but OPI certainly "nailed it" with this color! Okay, that was such a lame joke. But the intense electric blue foil shimmer is untouchable, folks! It doesn't even look real in the picture, it's so shiny and reflective. This one is a one coater! 
The angle is strange and the picture is dark but this gives a good indication of the base color.

Crown Me Already! is essentially a disco ball on your nails, and I LOVE it! It's a clear base with tiny silver glitter, hex glitter, and large hex glitter.
I used three coats for full coverage, but I suspect you could layer this over another polish as a glittery top coat.
Removal wasn't even that bad! Perfect for a crazy, blingtastic mani!

Sometimes I catch myself watching pageants on tv, but this year I made it a point to tune into part of the Miss USA® pageant, as Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director was a judge! Okay, okay, I also wanted to see Caroline Manzo of Real Housewives of New Jersey, so sue me! :P

So how do you guys feel about this collection? Are you digging these colors, or are they not really your thing? Did you watch the Miss USA® pageant, and are you planning on watching the Miss Universe® pageant?
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  1. these are all super pretty but I haven't been inspired to pick any up yet but I'm really not sure why...

  2. wow, i really like the colors in this collection! they all are something i'd wear/want :D

  3. I think I'm in love with Swimsuit... Nailed it! and Crown me already! *___* those two are to die for!

  4. ooh i love all these swathes. so nice...!

  5. Those are pretty colors :)

    As for the Swimsuit...Nailed it- it's referring to the swimsuit round of a pageants. At least, that's what I think it is.

  6. Gorgeous glitters! The grape one looks so cute!

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  7. I'm not a huge OPI-fan myself, but "Crown Me Already!" looks like something I need to have in my collection. Super pretty!


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