Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: Sinful Colors Unicorn by Brittany

Hey guys, please enjoy this guest swatch of Sinful Colors Unicorn by Brittany of brittanysbeautyonline, a great nail and beauty blog you should check out!

i'm very impressed with sinful colors. I bought mine at wallgreens for $2.99 I believe, one penny shy from $3, and it did perform for being a drug store nail polish. I took it under shade light because I felt that is what best brought out the color. this is after two coats and no top coat. it did go on streaky, it could have been because it was on display for a while, but it was still manageable and not painful to apply. I can't really describe the color. it makes me think of butter cream yellow or that yellow bar of soap, but its far from ugly. Its wearable with my medium skin tone and I never thought that I would actually like a color like this. I do see myself buying sinful colors in the future.
overall, I LOVE it. it is also a perfect summer color.

Thank you, Brittany! And that color reminds me of a bar of soap, too, and in a good way! :)


  1. i have this and wore it once. i needed 5 coats (i usually do thin ones, maybe thats why) and it gave me the worst lobster hands. such a pretty color though

  2. I love Sinful colors and where I live they are only $1.99 a bottle. I actually picked up Unicorn just yesterday and it was on sale for .99! A steal indeed :)


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