Friday, July 29, 2011

OPI Nice Stems! Collection

All right, folks, before I begin, can I just say how absolutely, head over heels, gaga in love with this collection? It's simple and small, but I just adore these pink polishes! I was excited for this collection, but I didn't realize how much I would enjoy you guys feel the same way?

Play the Peonies is a pale silky pink. It has a shimmery pearl finish that doesn't show too many brushstrokes when it dries. It reminds me of pointe shoes, actually. I've worn this as a full mani several times and I just feel so sophisticated and elegant with it on. This was three coats, but it could have been done in two.

Come to Poppy is a shimmery pink coral with a slight pearl finish. Man, I love my coral polishes, and this one is no exception. Although all the polishes had great formula, this one was just outstanding and glided onto the nail so evenly. Two coats for this one.

Be A Dahlia Won't You? is the boldest polish out of this collection. A sparkly fuchsia pink with shimmer that flashes blue. I guess I would call it duochrome? It has a glass-flecked quality to it. It was hard to get a clear shot--I think the sparkliness freaked out my camera!

The last polish in the collection is I Lily Love You. The base is a sheer rosy jelly with little bits of glitter and mylar throughout. It's sheer, but you could wear it alone if you so desired; above is three coats and you can definitely still see my nail line. I Lily Love You doubles as a topcoat, and looks nice over the other three polishes in the collection. Used over Be A Dahlia, Wont You? it achieves the look on the nail that it has on the bottle. Since the base is tinted, it makes Play the Peonies a little bit darker--that combo reminds me of candy.
Play the Peonies
Come to Poppy
Be A Dahlia, Won't You?

And that is Nice Stems! What are your thoughts? I am so smitten with this collection I can't even tell you. OPI impressed me once again with formula and the colors are über-flattering. Do you feel the same way?
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  1. play the peonies is goooorgeous, i like that a lot..i lily love you is pretty cute too


  2. Lovely swatches and pics I'm so dying to get my hands on this collection but I don't have anywhere close to purchase them I'm waiting for my bday to be able to order some I wish they would send me some for review your so lucky!

  3. I Lily Love You <3 YES I REALLY LOVE IT


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