Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Blogger: The Manicured Monkey's California Spring Manicure

Happy Tuesday to you, readers! Today, The Manicured Monkey is sharing with us an awesome manicure she did earlier this spring. If you like what you see, be sure to check out her website--she does amazing nail art, as you can see below! Also stop by her Etsy store...she's done some really cool jewelry pieces!

It was a warm spring day with a cool breeze today in California so I decided to do a fun mani. I used 2 coats of Revlon Ocean Breeze (it would be opaque in one generous coat!), I stamped witha  bundle monster plate using Konad White special polish and then embellished the stars with star rhinestones. 
Ocean Breeze was amazing, it's a polish that flashes dark blue, green and a bit of yellow.. I wouldn't call it a metallic, duochorome or shimmer but a combo of the three... that make sense? It's shimmery, but has the texture of a metallic, yet flashes like a duochrome. It's really a great color! I took these photos outside but it was a bit cloudy, so I took one under my natural light lamp. 
I love these little star rhinestones that I picked up, so I decided to put those on my nails, in the star stamp. I tried to line them up. I had put a small amount of clear down to stick them on and you can see my middle finger star got a bit smudged from it. I topped it all off with a generous coat of SV.
Also, a big thank you to Aurora for letting me guest blog :)

No, Kristin, thank you! I am loving this starry mani--the rhinestones are definitely my favorite part. Again, be sure to visit her page for more nail and make up art/reviews! If you want to be a guest blogger on Aurora's Nails, send me an email anytime!


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