Monday, July 18, 2011

Color Club Starry Temptress Collection

Well, the masses have spoken. I asked you guys which collections you'd like to see swatched and reviewed pronto, and Color Club Starry Temptress was the one with the most votes. If you'd like to let me know which collections you'd like to see reviewed next, you can vote at the bottom of this post. I forgot to mention that I have a few Nailtini polishes swatched, so you'll be seeing those as well!

And now back to Starry Temptress. I love me some Color Club. I think they put out great colors, cool collections, and their formula hardly gives me any problems. It was all about them neons this summer; be sure to check out the Color Club Wicked Sweet polishes...candy colored and candy scented. Starry Temptress is a group of neon polishes with glitter throughout. I wasn't wowed by them initially when I saw the bottles. Not to sound like a snob, but they The neon color coupled with the glitter piled up in the bottles looked a little juvenile and I really didn't think I was going to care for them. Oh, how wrong I was...

Ultra-Astral is a pretty punchy magenta. I don't get the name, but I think it looks fabulous on the nail. The formula is a jelly-creme...certainly more creme than jelly, though. The glitter, like most of the polishes in this collection, appears suspended...just like stars in the sky. I'm starting to understand the name of the collection! The glitter appears to be a mix of silver and holo in the bottle, but on the nail it's more...opalescent? Very cool, in any case. This one was two coats.

Did they use the name Glitter Envy for this one because it's green, playing into the whole green-with-envy thing? I'm saying yes, but that doesn't really matter. Glitter Envy is a bright green that looks super fun as a mani. The color reminds me of the green slime that was all over Nickelodeon in the 90s. The formula was similar to Ultra-Astral, but thinner, resulting in three coats.

Space Case is a sweet bubblegum, but the formula was a little bit different from the rest. It was thicker and much more of a creme-shimmer base. It gave me some application issues, but after three coats it was almost completely streak-free.

You Got Soul-Ar was problem child número dos. The formula was like that of Space Case, and after three coats it was streaky. I do love the color, though. It's traffic cone orange, and it's certainly bright and neon, but it's not over the top neon, if that makes any sense.

Wink, Wink, Twinkle is such a pretty purple. The name reminds me of Tinkie-Winkie, who just happened to be the purple Teletubbie. Coincidence? Yeah, let's just move on and pretend I didn't just make a Teletubbies. The formula was perfect, like Ultra-Astral and Glitter Envy. Two coats for this one. The sparkles in this one really shine, and the glitter particles give it tons of depth. Love!

Otherworldly is such an awesome name that corresponds with an equally awesome polish. Super sparkly with a nice, pool blue. Is pool blue even a color? It's bright but deep. Two coats for this one as well.

We come to a close with Starry Temptress, a clear topcoat with more of that opalescent glitter that gives the polishes an extra dose of sparkly goodness.
Glitter Envy
Space Case
You Got Soul-Ar
Wink, Wink, Twinkle

These polishes, being neon, dry quickly, albeit slightly matte. The glitter doesn't make it too gritty, but I'd recommend a topcoat over these. I love this collection way more than I thought I would, and I really want to try Starry Temptress topcoat over other polishes, too. Color Club puts out some cool topcoats. Remember Covered in Diamonds from the Untamed Luxury Collection?

What do you guys think? Did you pick any of these up? I've heard both rants and raves about these, so I'd love to hear what your thoughts are!
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  1. I have Glitter Envy and You Got Soul-ar. So far I've only tried Glitter Envy and I LOVED it. I really want Wink Wink Twinkle. That shade of purple is one of my favorites and with the glitter it's just so fun. Want want want!

    Great pictures, thank you!!

  2. ook i love this collections

  3. I kinda thought the same thing about these polishes as you... that they'd look cheap... but I actually really quite like them now =]
    I love all the darker colours, they look so awesome!

  4. I've been dying to get my palms on this collection I've been staking out my Ross but haven't gotten it yet, I think they are all really pretty but I'm a sucka for glitter/shimmer, lmao tinkie winkie!


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