Friday, May 6, 2011


Unfortunately I have not been around a lot lately. Personal problems have essentially taken over my life and I have been unable to post, or answer emails. Packages that I have sent are still being sent back to me and I can't tell you how frustrating that is. Slowly I am trying to ease back into blogging, but it's just been a very hectic and trying time in my life. Thank you for understanding...I can't wait to be back for good!


  1. I totally understand about personal life taking over. Sometimes you have to just take time for yourself. We will be here when you get back. Hope everything gets sorted out soon.

  2. I missed this somehow but wanted to wish you well!

  3. I hope everything is going well!!! I adore your blog and cant wait for you to be back to bloggin. Take your time though we'll all be here when you get back!!! You do great work!!!
    XO Sam

  4. I'm sure all your followers (Including Me) will still be here when you back and hope that you are feeling Ok:)

    -Aimee Snails- x

  5. i'm wishing you well
    hope your back to posting when things get peachy again

    much love

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!


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