Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Series of Unfortunate Events

Guys, it has been a rough couple of days over here on my end. First, I was super sick with food poisoning. Then, the knee I had surgery on has been really starting to bother me as of late, and I don't know why. And now, two people are telling me that they haven't received the packages I've sent out for my blog sale.

This is my biggest concern; I know from experience that even with the most trustworthy of people, sometimes stuff like this happens.. But I don't want that to happen, especially to you guys. Tomorrow I'm heading down to the post office in person to see what the deal is. Blech. Hopefully everything gets settled and we can figure out just where these packages are!

There is a bright side to my week--the emails about being a guest blogger have been pouring in, and now that I'm feeling well to blog again, I'm answering all of them! It just makes me so happy!

Take care, guys.


  1. Food poisoning is horrible. Hope your feeling much better. Your poor knee! I have two bad knees. My right is the one that is the worst. I have bone on bone pain when I walk. Plus my ligaments are very loose. I'm in constant pain with the both of them. Now that I've complained, I hope your knee is feeling better. Nothing worse than lost packages! Hope there found.

  2. Aww you poor girl, food poisoning is so rough!

    I hate stupid post services that do their wrong poorly, or don't do it at all. I have lost so many bottles of nailpolish (including some HTF's) but also cards and other stuff in the mail that for now I let everything ship to my work.

  3. Ughhh that is horrible about your knee and the dang post office stinks!!! Well I hope things get better and hope u feel better.


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