Monday, April 4, 2011

My Elton John Manicure

A few weeks ago, my father, brother, and I took a little road trip so that we could attend Elton John's concert. My dad is a HUGE Elton John fan, and since it's been a staple in our household since forever, I'm slightly obsessed, too. I can so vividly remember my father pushing me on the swing at night on our porch, singing I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues, or him playing Bennie and the Jets on the piano, or how exited we were when we bought the Lion King CD (CD! Not a cassette, but a CD! We were really movin' up in the world!)

Ol' Elton is known for his flamboyant, colorful, and, dare I say, AWESOME stage outfits, and I wanted to have a jazzed up mani on my fingers for the occasion.

I went with OPI Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection, and I think it was a perfect choice.
Pink, sparkly, funky glitter? I feel like Sir Elton John would approve. I didn't actually take a picture of my mani that night, so I'm just reusing my original swatch, but you get the gist. Ignore that white hair on the cap. I can only assume it belongs to either Shep or Cotton. Hmph.

Fun fact: When I was three, I decided that I would marry Elton John. I remember telling my teacher, and she sent me to all the other teachers to tell them, so that they could all have a good laugh at my expense. In case you were wondering, it didn't work out between the two of us.

And now, think about it: How amazing would it be if Elton John collaborated with OPI? Based on his personality and former stage outfits? I think some pretty cool colors would come outta that collection. He seems like such a fun guy. Just my two cents.

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  1. Ahaha! The mani is lovely =) And omg that would be soooo cool if that really did happen! Wow I can just imagine the collection....full of brights and glitters...!!

  2. aahhh I LOVE Elton!!!! As soon as i saw the title for this post on my dashboard I was like NO WAAAY *click click click click!" Teenage Dream is the perfect choice - its so bling-trashy-fabulous! x

  3. LOL I grew up listening to Elton John (through my parents) and remember his appearance on the Muppet Show. This is great!

  4. Now that would be a collection I would be in it's entirety. Love your nails. Did you see Elton on SNL? I enjoyed the show and he was great.

  5. I love,love,LOVE Elton John!!! If OPI teamed up with him, that would be awesome! I would buy them all for sure! I've been to four of his concerts and they are always amazing! I think your mani. was perfect for and Elton concert. I watched him on SNL this past Sat. too. So funny!

  6. Elton is my favorite artist of all time. I only saw him in concert once, and it was one of the best nights of my life. He's an amazing performer.

    Your nails were very appropriate. :)

  7. He was the first lady gaga I think, such unique style!

  8. Love the color and great inspiration!

  9. wao that's so nice Elton John!! the dresses and style is so good i like it.......


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