Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guest Blogger: Ruxi's Flormar Manicure

The polish used in this post is Flormar 418. It is not available on the Flormar website, so it may be discontinued or out of stock at the moment!

Hello! Ruxi of Une Ruxi à Paris generously offered to be the second guest blogger here! Now, I have zero experience with the brand Flormar, so see what she has to say below!

Flormar is an Italian brand, it is sold in most of the eastern European countries. I bought this one in Roumania, my home country, a while back and totally forgot I had it. I originally thought that it being a very cheap brand, the quality wouldn't amount to anything, but these are actually quite good.
A bottle of these costs about 2$, over in my country.
This one is a gorgeous dark gray cream with purple shimmer, a bit like Chanel Paradoxal, except that Chanel's shimmer is much more visible and a brighter violet.
The brushes on these are usually pretty good, but this one was a bit weird. The formula is good too, this one is easily a one coatter, but being the maniac that I am I did two. 
So this is 2 coats and top coat.

What do you guys think? I personally love this color! Have you guys ever tried Flormar? While I certainly can't answer any questions about the brand, I'm sure Ruxi can steer you in the right direction! Thank you thank you, Ruxi, for sharing this with us!


  1. ive never heard of this brand before, but this color is pretty!!

  2. Thank you for posting this!! It looks so good!!

  3. Hy,
    What colour is? It has a number on the back.
    It look so gook, if I'll find it tomorrow I'll buy it :)

  4. Ruxi, that color looks beautiful on you.
    Very nice post!

  5. actually flormar is not an italian brand but a turkish brand..

  6. Gorgeous shade on you! Nice to find an inexpensive brand that is good. Stock up on them.

  7. Hey everybody! Sorry about forgetting to tell you what number it is. It's 318. And it is originally an italian brand, that's what their site says. And now they have moved their factory to Turkey.

  8. Flormar is a Turkish brand, the main Turkish mass-market cosmetics brand actually. On the web-site it says it was established in Italy, then moved to Turkey in 1986 but it's been a local brand for as long as I've known myself. You can find the polishes for 1 dollar here in Istanbul, however they are not Big 3-Free. I guess they've started distribution in Eastern Europe as well.

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