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Color Club Wicked Sweet

Did you know that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory? I don't know about you, but that's definitely the case with me; Yankee Candle's Festival of Lights means staying warm inside the house watching tv with the family on a winter night when it's freezing and dark outside. Chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven means coming home after the first day of school (my sweet mom made them every year on our first day.) The smell of sun tan lotion means days at the beach, playing in the sand and chasing seagulls as a kid.

What were we talking about again? Oh, yes. This spring/summer collection from Color Club is Wicked Sweet, a set of seven scented neons. While some people I'm sure will by them for the novelty alone, the colors are also nice and wearable, and appropriate for the season.

Side note: as a kid I had chocolate chip scented nail polish. I don't know what it smelled like, but it definitely did not smell like chocolate.

Moving on...

Get Your Lem-On is a name that makes me laugh. It seems very similar to Color Club Volt of Light, but I haven't compared the two yet. The formula was great--no streaks. A little on the sheer side, though. This is four coats. It has that blue shimmer to it that gives it a very UV look, if you know what I'm saying.
Scent: Lemon, obviously. It smells like lemon-flavored Pez.

The Lime Starts Here is another name that I like, ha. It's brighter than it appears above. Again, nice formula: four coats, to get full opacity, but it didn't streak. For a neon creme, it dried surprisingly non-matte. I'd call it a jelly-creme, really. With this one and Get Your Lem-On, take care to wait a while in between coats; they don't dry super quick.
Scent: Lime, in theory, but to me it smelled more like cucumber melon with a hint of lime. Maybe I'm over-thinking it, but that's what I picked up.

Always Get My Man-darin is like a neon creamsicle; a bright pastel. It's not really neon; the base is soft but it's still bright and shimmery. I sound like a broken record, but the formula was great on this one, too. Only three coats. The formula was great on all of these, really. I was kind of dreading them, because they're neons, and also because I was afraid the scent would some how make them all nutty. But back to this particular polish. Orange does not really flatter me, but I like it anyway. I'm also getting a little liberal with the semi-colons, I've noticed.
Scent: Orange. Kind of like Tang powder mix or something. Anyone remember that commercial when Tang was making a comeback and the chimp was running around drinking it and doing karate? All I can say is that if you want to sell something in my house, you add a monkey to the advertisements and you got yourself a deal.

Can't say I loved the formula on Yum Gum. It's quite a bright creme (way brighter than the picture.) And while it wasn't terrible, it wasn't as smooth as the other polishes in the collection. This was three thick coats.
Scent: Definitely bubblegum. It smelled just like the bubblegum-flavored toothpaste I had when I was younger. And the scent lingered. Like, I can still smell it on my hands.

Raspberry Rush is a color that I can see looking good on anyone. It looks so sweet and bright. The formula was a jelly-creme, but more creme than jelly. Two coats and it was smooth and good to go.
Scent: Raspberry, but the artificial raspberry scent. No raspberry I know really smells like this. (PS, doesn't that make it sound like I'm acquainted with a lot of raspberries? Weird.) It smells nice, though. Like a candy store.

Gimme A Grape Big Kiss (haha, these names!) is a Barney the Dinosaur purple jelly with red undertones. The formula was nice and thin but opaque in two coats.
Scent: That artificial grape smell (see artificial raspberry smell above.) For my seventh birthday I got a this mini baby doll (yeah, kind of weird, I know) that was grape-scented. I never really played with her because she was so small, but I periodically stopped to smell her bib. Also, this polish smells like Ouch Gum. Remember that? It came in a Bandaid tin, with watermelon, strawberry, and grape? I ate this stuff like it was going out of style (which, I guess, it ultimately did, because I used to see it everywhere and now I don't.)

Finally, we have Wicked Sweet. I love this--bright cyan blue with that UV shimmer that gives it a greenish glow. It reminds me a lot of Zoya Phoebe with a topcoat. Above is three coats, for full coverage, as it is a little sheer.
Scent: Uh, I don't know. Blue? I can't pick out what it smells like, but this one doesn't appeal to me.

Final verdict? The polishes are very nice. I like the colors, but truth be told, I could do without the scents. They aren't too strong, but you can't ignore them. I know a lot of people will like that, though, so it's cool that Color Club popped these out. Wouldn't it be neat if they made aromatherapy-scented polishes? Like lavender, cinnamon, peppermint? I don't know if I'd wear them, but it would still be cool haha. Each dried shiny, even the neons that aren't shimmers, which was great.

So, thoughts, opinions? Will you pick any up? Do you like the idea of scents, or would you prefer them "normal?"
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  1. LoL. I have a HUGE container of Tang in my kitchen. My kid LOVES it.

  2. I love the colors so pretty the yellow w/ blue undertones is a beaut!

  3. Ouch Gum! Oh my goshhh I can't believe you mention that, I use to chew that gum ALL the time. You are right, I don't see it anymore (:

  4. i just picked up this collection. the colors look so good, i cant wait to use them!

  5. I think I love them all!!
    But the first one is just too pretty

  6. Just commenting to let you know I gave you a blog award! Check it out here:

  7. I love your blogs! your pictures are so well taken you can really see how the polishes look like! thank youuuu!


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