Monday, March 21, 2011

Reasons (Excuses) for my AWOL-ness

It's been a while! And, I gotta tell you guys: I missed blogging. A helluva lot. The people, the community, the pictures, the before I tick off my list of excuses reasons for my little leave of absence, let me just say that it is great to be back. Expect regular posting to resume! I know, I know, because it was so hard for you guys to go on without me... ;D

- Personal friend/family issues
- School issues
- Last but not least (and my favorite one!) I had surgery. Super minor knee surgery, but the first few days were killer. I'm not 100% better by any stretch of the imagination, but I am certainly doing better than I was earlier this week.

I have a TON of blog things to do: return emails, post reviews, ect. So if you emailed me and haven't gotten a response, you will shortly!

Missed you guys!


  1. welcome back and get well soon !

  2. Welcome back! Hopw your knee will be better soon!

  3. Hope your feeling better from your surgery. Take it easy and don't force yourself to do to much. Your still healing inside. Glad you'll be posting again.

  4. Oh my! I hope you get better soon!!


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