Friday, February 4, 2011

Shatter vs. Crackle; OPI vs. Kelier

Guys, I've been playing with Kelier Nail Crack Polish all day. That's actually quite the exaggeration...I was writing a paper on Sor Juana today...but you get my drift. Anyway, I was curious as to how similar Kelier and OPI Black Shatter are, and I figured you guys might be, too.

Also, to answer Jessie B.'s question:
Removal with Kelier Nail Crack Polish is very easy; the polish itself is pretty thin, so it comes off quickly and cleanly. It's funny, though, if you are careful to just swipe off the crackle polish and leave the base, you can see where it cracked, and it looks neat.

OPI Black Shatter and Kelier Nail Crack Polish in Purple over Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver. I actually meant to grab Kelier Black, but the bottles look the same. I mean, I guess if I had taken the time to actually read the label... But you know what, I actually really like the purple/mint green combo.

The difference between the two polishes is obvious, appearance-wise, but there are other differences.

Black Shatter:                                     Kelier Crack:
Dries quickly (a few seconds)              Dries slower (3 minutes or so) 
Cracks in one direction*                       Cracks in many directions
Dries raised                                          Dries relatively flat
Only one color (so far)                         A few different colors

*You can make the OPI Black Shatter polish break up in a different pattern, but you need to paint the brush in different directions.

I actually really like both versions. I think they're both accurately named, too; OPI has more of a shattered look, like shards of broken glass, whereas with Kelier the cracks spread across the nail. I hope this is a good reference for people that want to see them side by side!
these products were sent to me to review. see disclosure policy for more information.


  1. I have a Kelier polish coming in the mail. The two are definately very different effects and if you really like it, it's so worth owning both. I love the fact that they come in different colours, which is another reason I'm looking forward to the China Glaze collection!

  2. That's a really different effect than the Black Shatter. Like this!


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