Sunday, February 6, 2011

Question for you guys: Permanent Holos?

Recently, a reader asked me if I knew of any holographic polishes that didn't cost a ton and that are readily available...Are there any in a permanent collection that you know of that you can find easily?

I mentioned the China Glaze Tronica collection, which should be coming out soon.

I also mentioned a-england, GOSH, Nfu-Oh, and OPI DS.

But if you guys know of any holo polishes that aren't HTF's and don't break the bank, let us know please!


  1. Milani holographics? They don't sell them when I live so I'm not too sure how available they are

  2. Ahhhh nowwhere in the UK sells Milani and when I went on holiday to Florida last year I went to the Florida Mall and asked a couple of ladies in the cosmetics stores where I could buy it and they didn't know :-( xx

  3. you can buy milani at cherryculture (they ship internationally), other than that, there are only a handfull of companies who are having holos in their permanent range- diamond cosmetics used to have chainmail charm, but they've discontinued it because of the dull version, seems like the holo-pigments are harder to maintain in a permanent range than others

    oh, petites color fever in black diamond is a (us) drugstore black/grey-ish holo

    Color club has some too (wild at heart, fashion addict, revvvolution, also a light brown one, forgot the name)- though there's the same inconsistency like I've mentioned with diamond cosmetics (non-holo/not so holo versions)

  4. Catherine Arley holo's! Although the only webshop selling them isn't very customerfriendly.

  5. Milani's HD collection is available at almost any CVS for around $5.50/bottle. I always see the display fully stocked. In fact, I bought a whole set of them for a fellow blogger a few days ago :)

  6. Where I live there is also S-he 427. It's pink holo=) And it costs about 2-3€.

  7. Milani, glitter gal australia (amazinggggggg holos) I've heard the catherine arley's might ship international again soon, but that could be rumor...

  8. Etude House has a pink scattered holo, I've swatched it (on my friend's nail) and it's not too bad (:

  9. Golden Rose has also many holographic polishes :)

  10. I'd say the Color Club ones. I have Wild at Heart, Revvvolution, and Fashion Addict. They are GORGEOUS. :D


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