Friday, February 18, 2011

One Less Lonely Girl Collection: The Sequel

That's not the real name of this collection. I don't know if it's One Less Lonely Girl Part Two, or if it's all considered one collection, or what. But before you look at these, have a gander at the first part, in case you missed it!

Each swatch is shown as is with no topcoat (I ran out!) and again with Make U Smile, a glitter topcoat with silver hexagon pieces.

Just as a reminder:
The One Less Lonely Girl Collection is helping Justin raise awareness and funds for a nonprofit organization close to Justin’s heart, called Pencils of Promise (PoP). PoP helps to build schools and increase educational opportunities in the developing world. Justin has joined together with PoP to build 100 schools for children around the world with the help of young people everywhere.

One Time Lime is a medium green, the color of the skin of a lime. It reminds me of alligators :D It took three coats, and was a little streaky, but evened itself out. Sweet!

The pictures of I'm A Belieber aren't accurate. In real life it's a little warmer. The formula was the same as One Time Lime, streaky at two coats, and then smooth at three.
I tried playing around with color's a little more accurate, but not totally.

''Baby'' Blue is my favorite of this collection, and it's not as bright as it is in this picture. It's similar to OPI What's with the Cattitude? 3 coats.

Redy to Runaway Love? Dumb name, but great polish. Original? Negative. But the formula was amazing. Could have been one coat, but I used two (aren't you shocked?)

 We've already seen My Lifesaver, but it's still pretty! Haha. 3 coats. To see how it compares to other polishes, click here.

I've Got Bieber Fever is more red than the picture would suggest, but I love this polish--dark purple with magenta shimmer! Two coats.

Not a Gold Bigger. Wow, that name is heinous. Like, really, really awful. Anyway, the polish itself is great. A gold foil finish that goes on nicely in two coats. It reminds me of the silver Give Me the First Dance from the first part of the collection.

I think this is a really nice collection. The formulas are great and there are some nice colors. Do you guys like any? Which ones? I wonder how much Justin Bieber had to do with the nail polish, if at all?
this product/products were sent to me to review. see disclosure policy for more information.


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