Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I miss my hair, dude.

I used to have waist-length hair, but I desperately needed a change this summer and I cut it all off. I miss it sooo much. This post is essentially useless. I am just complaining. Lawlz. If anyone has a magic potion that makes hair go all Rapunzel-y, let me know. I might start taking prenatal vitamins, because I know that helps make hair healthy (nails, too!)



Sorry for the crappy pic quality, but I took it with my cellphone. Also, that picture is from July. Also, my hair was blown out by my hair cutter. It never looks like that. RIP, long hair. You were nothing but good to me.


  1. Sounds like a case of buyer's remorse. LOL I like the shorter hair, but I get that you miss what once was. It'll grow out eventually, you've just gotta be patient.

  2. You look really nice with short hair but oooh I admit the long ones were amazing (I'm stuck to bra-strap lenght and craving for hair long like that)!!!

  3. Wow! My hair hasn't been long like that since I was about 5 years old. I was helping my mom make a cake for my sister's birthday and spun around and my hair got caught in the kitchen aid. They had to cut it short to get me free and I've kept it pretty short since then.

    Sorry you miss your long hair though.. :/

  4. Ugh. I had waist length hair for a while, but it was such a pain to blow dry and stuff. Plus it looked stringy and dead (I am too lazy to get trims). I got about 2 ft of it chopped off last summer, and it looked like shit but it felt SO much healthier.

  5. Your hair is still pretty, even short.

    I cut my hair too...from my brastrap almost to my shoulders. The ends were healthy but really uneven.
    But hair grows, and it will be back before I know it.

    So will yours. ^_^
    P.S. I heard that Biotin and Silica help hair grow faster...they only gave me nice nails, but I know folks who swear by it for hair growth.

  6. Hey I understand you. I got my hair cut last week and now its crap. I'm going crazy, crying at night, I just want my old, long, wavy hair.
    But your short hair still looks nice. Don't be sad. :)

  7. Don't be too desperate, my dear. What is done is done, your hair is as it is now but it's firm and assured it will grow back and that you will find back your beautiful long hair! It grows every day. :)) Keep faith in that and don't think too much about what was done. Keep your look raised to what will happen! :)

    You look beautiful either way (you have such eyes!)

  8. Don't you worry - you look just fine!! and the hair will get stronger when cut a bit. :)
    I know wha you're hrough, though, some time ago I cut my brastrap long hair to what you can see in my avatar ;) quite a change, but you'll get used to it!

  9. I chopped my long hair off last summer. Big regret. It's down to my collar bone now. I miss my long hair dearly. I didn't look good with short hair haha.

  10. Your hair is beautiful both ways! But I feel you. I used to have long curly hair, but chopped it to a pixie cut last summer...now it is taking forever to grow out! :(

  11. Your hair is gorgeous. You never can get your hair as good as the stylist. It all in the angles that you can't do. Your hair does look thicker and healthier. It drives me nuts when someone has long hair and it's straggly. Keep getting regular trims to keep your hair healthy looking. Plus you won't get all those split ends. Good luck growing your hair out again.

  12. I did hair for 7 years before i decided to stay home with younguns and this is the most often question I had. Heres the short version.
    Vitamins, while good for your body, aren't going to affect hair growth.
    Hair is composed of Keratin, a product of protein. The more protein you consume, the more is left over for the production of hair and fingernails. Other things may claim to work, but the most important thing is make sure you have enough protein in your diet to adequately support muscle function as well as have some left over for the production of keratin cells. =)

  13. Shorter hair gives you a more mature look. But your long hair makes you look more sexy.... maybe because of the locks :D Please, let it grow like that again! I know what it fees like, but I am cutting mine 'cause I want to get rid of all my blonde dye... my hair became like chewing gum after dying it blonde :(

  14. You are pretty! And I totally get why you miss that long coupe. Luckily it WILL grow back someday.


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