Sunday, February 20, 2011

The first comment I've ever had to delete! Wahoo!

Today I will delete a comment a reader has left on my blog. I'm just posting this whole story because I have never done this before (except when I left a comment to test the new comments system and then deleted it) but there is a first time for everything.

I'm not going to post the entire comment, but I'll leave you the title. I'm sure some of you have seen this in your blog comments--this guy seems to be a bit of a troll--but if you haven't, Mr. Misogynist over here decided to leave me this little gem:


He left the comment as Anonymous but gave the link to his's full of really well-formed thoughts and compelling arguments as to why American women such as my self suck (sarcasm...) 

Am I bothered by this dude's comments? No, not personally, anyway. I'm a little frightened that there are people out there that believe this stuff, but this is America (land of crappy women, apparently!) And I support free speech and the freedom to make whatever statements you want. But these comments are not staying on my blog...they're offensive and, let's face it, a little off topic. 

I could go on about how I feel about this guy from what little I know of him, but why? Let's not give him the time of day. Some people are pitiful, I'll just leave it at that. I hope you guys are having a great day, and, if this strapping gent leaves you a comment, I hope you ignore him!
***EDIT: Nevermind, he deleted it himself. Ha.


  1. hahaa some people are a little weird. I never had to delete a comment either, (beauty)bloggers are usually nice people

  2. How stupid can some people be -.-;

  3. For sure he would be very successful :D

  4. Yuck what a troll. The thing about trolls is that they always stay anonymous like cowards.

  5. 2 comments I`ve ever received that got my mind doubting, 1 did I publish, 1 never published. the one saying I was stupid and my blog meant nothing :S Hahaha so I just posted it and thanked the person...but I was like WHAT?! Why would someone do that?! Complete nuts. The one I never published went a little further with cursing and swearing, I blocked the person :)

  6. you're awesome!
    pff, i don't like that stupid person who posted the comment you did delete.

  7. That's happened to me too!! In fact, the same topic!!! I wonder if it was the same person?

  8. Thanks for the heads up! I've only had to delete "spammers" (website linking to sales and weird stuff) from mine.

    I think it's entertaining that some people act like that - but I'll bet he wants a wife - or better known to him an indentured servant...

    Can's fix stupid/ignorant.

  9. Too bad there are people like that..
    They should just leave others alone!

  10. im confused, why would a grown man be looking at nail polish blogs...?? looser

  11. I think men in other places are threatened when women are strong and not subservient I hate men who think we are not equal it is upsetting all women are strong and beautiful even if men like that are to ignorant to see I agree with April k why is a grown man looking at nail blogs it's baffling maybe he secrectly is a nail polish addict too and has to justify his visits lol thats probably it!!

  12. Yeah, I got that one, too. Nice, huh?


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