Thursday, February 17, 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away: Sand and Sea

I love all things nautical. Growing up, my cousins and I would visit our grandparents' house in Vermont, which is on a lake. Going out on the boat was one of the most exciting parts of our summer. Let's explore the neutrals of the China Glaze Anchors Away! Collection, Sand and Sea. All swatches are show with a topcoat, except two.

Sunset Sail is a nude-peach type deal with shimmer. Pretty color, but not a pretty application. This is three coats, and it's still streaky. I found the color to be pretty flattering on me, though.

People were hyped up for Below Deck, largely because it is an almost-dupe for that cult classic, Channelesque. I like the gray-purple-taupe hue it's got goin' on. Application was good and took two coats. I also think it's great that companies listen to their fans and make colors the people are asking for!

Knotty is a camel-colored shimmer, and kind of sheer at that. It doesn't look stupendous on me, but maybe someone with darker skin could pull it off? I don't love it, but I certainly don't hate it. Three coats and it was mostly opaque. As a bonus, though, it dries smooth.

White Cap is a sheer, milky base with gold and iridescent shimmer. It's similar to the lovely China Glaze Frosty, but it's not as opaque. Above is four coats, and still VNL. Like Knotty, it dries smooth and flat. I guess this one is better suited for layering.  alizarine claws has it layered over the next polish, Sea Spray, and it looks nice. No topcoat on this swatch, though. I forgot to put one on...whoops!

Sea Spray is my favorite out of this section. A pearly light blue with subtle shimmer...fabulous. Turns out it's quite similar to Essie Sag Harbor. The formula was great, and applied evenly in three thin coats.
Left is Sag Harbor, right is Sea Spray. Sag Harbor is only slightly more blue.

Let's wind it down with Pelican Gray, a wearble gray with shimmer. It's soft enough that you can wear it for spring and it doesn't feel too cool. Two coats on this one, and no topcoat. I forgot to put one on this swatch, too! Oy.

I'll admit, I'm not blown away by these. They're pretty, but nothing spectacular, except Sea Spray. Stay tuned for the second batch, coming up soon. What do you think? Did you buy any?

Which of the Sand and Sea polishes is your favorite?

i bought these products myself. see disclosure policy for more information.


  1. I also love all things nautical. My current stepdad has two sailboats. I started sailing about 7 years ago when I first met him. I absolutely love being out on the water. Anyways, I don't have any of these polishes yet. I want a few of them but I don't have the money for new polish right now. Out of these 6 I want Pelican Gray, White Cap, and Sea Spray.

  2. It's a pretty collection for spring. Is Pelian Gray similair to Orly - Pixie Dust ?

  3. The anchors away collection is beautiful, I really want to get some but I have no nail-polish-pennies right now!!

  4. Vermont must've been wonderful fun! I've never been on a boat. Sounds like a real treat. I love Below Deck. I'm not sure about the others. They're pretty but I'll wait on ordering them.


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