Saturday, February 5, 2011

Abstract Nail Art? Playing Around With OPI Black Shatter

I'm going a little overboard with the crackle polishes today! Anyway, I was playing around with OPI Black Shatter over Color Club Pink Lust, trying to get a different look than the vertical cracks. See what you think!

On the top nail, I used very little polish and drew little lines all over the nail.
On the middle nail, I used a good amount of polish and dotted it on the nail.
On the bottom nail, I tried to paint side to side, instead of vertical.

I like the look; it's pretty funky and less uniform than the vertical cracks. Have you tried to mix it up a little with Black Shatter? How did it go for you?
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  1. I've been playing with mine in this way too! I love painting it on horizontally rather than vertically, it looks so good!
    I don't actually have the OPI one, I have the Barry M Special effects, but I really want to get the OPI one for when mine runs out!

  2. I like the different look with these. I have to buy a bottle very soon.


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