Monday, January 31, 2011

Zoya Laurie

The second polish of my Zoya Facebook haul is Laurie. The Zoya website says that the intensity, with 1 being sheer and 5 being opaque, is a 3, but I'm not buying it. Laurie is a sheer baby pink that would probably be better for someone that wanted to actually wear it sheer. I am not that person, and it just wasn't fun trying to make it opaque.

The formula is a squishy jellyish creme, but it's tough to build it up to opacity without it getting streaky. This is definitely better worn sheer.

Above is four coats. There is nothing wrong with this polish, and it isn't streaky at one coat, but the more I tried to build it up, the thicker and heavier it felt. I'll be putting this polish up to swap, because, like I said, it's a nice polish, but it's just not for me. I need full nail coverage, thank you haha.
i received these products in a promotional offer. see disclosure policy for more information.


  1. Ah too is such a sweet/cute color. But yeah...I'm not willing to put that much work in for a color that isn't that unique. Oh well... :(

  2. this looks very pretty!!
    its very soft...but I like it!!

  3. its almost like that color club who are you wearing. are you still doing guest blogging?


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