Sunday, January 30, 2011

Orly Livewire

Orly Livewire is the first of three polishes that I received in a swap with Toes That Twinkle!. I keep calling it ''Limewire'' by accident. Livewire. Livewire. Livewire.

Just know that before you see this pictures, this polish is neon. Like I colored my nails with a highlighter or something. The color in the pictures is accurate--just picture them more neon, though.

Also, this neon has shimmer. I like that. Above is three coats and although it doesn't seem like it in the picture, you definitely have visible nail line. Ick. Soooo...layer it over white!

Way better. I don't know why it looks all blotchy, though, because in real life it doesn't look like that haha. This is two coats of Livewire over two coats of OPI Alpine White. Also, I suck at layering stuff over white.

To try to capture the neon-ness, I took a picture in my nail under the desk and no flash. It kind of gives you an idea of how bright it is.

The formula on this one is sheer, but not streaky. Theoretically you could put on coat after coat and reach the bottle color, but it would take probably six or seven at least. And it kind of makes my hands look red, but that's okay. I like this color, and I'll probably wear it as a pedicure shade. Thanks, TTT! :)

Interested in a swap? CLICK HERE!
these products were given to me in a swap. see disclosure policy for more information


  1. Im glad you like it! It looks MUCH better on you then it did on me!

  2. OOO im always on the lookout for a nice yellow! this is stunning!


  3. I don't normally like yellows but that one looks great.


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