Monday, January 17, 2011

Help me? What polish am I thinking of?!?!?!

Oy to the freakin' vey, folks. I have been racking my brain for years--yeah, years!--trying to remember the name of this Chanel polish I saw once in Seventeen magazine. Then I realized, duh. I am surrounded by nail polish addicts. Maybe one of you guys can point me in the right direction, if not help me figure out which polish I'm thinking of!

It's a Chanel polish. Shimmer, maybe glitter. The color is kind of a coral pink with orange shimmer? Maybe it's slightly holographic? I can't think of the name!

It was in Seventeen, the October 2004 issue. Katie Holmes is on the cover. If you have ANY idea, PLEASE let me know! I would be forever in debt!


  1. Is it Ange-Demon (that was the name of it in Canada, not sure what the US name was)?

  2. No, it's not that one. Thank you so much though!

  3. I am not sure... has been collecting Chanel polishes for years now... try looking at her website??

    Try posting on the MUA nail board as well!
    Hope that helps!

  4. Hey guys, thank you so much! I am trying your suggestions trying to find it. I also think it might be Tango. Don't know yet haha! Thanks again for taking time to help me!!!


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