Friday, December 3, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish: 20,000 "Likes" on Facebook

Ahem. How awesome is this? 20,000 ''Likes'' on Zoya's Facebook page means three free bottles of Zoya nail polish for every fan! Seriously. Click the picture below for more information!

Have you hit the ''Like'' button yet? Well, why the heck not? Hop to it, my friends!


  1. Yes. I spread the word to everyone I could. How could you not love this.

  2. Such a great offer, just a shame i live in the UK!

    Still a great promo though!

  3. Kayotic: I know!

    polishedperformance: It is a shame. However, I think this kind of publicity might give Zoya enough notoriety to be able to offer these kinds of promotions internationally in the future? I hope, because I know there's Zoya lovers all over the globe!

  4. i'm with you, polishedperformance & aurora. i live in europe too. i think moaning about the shipping costs casts a really bad light on the company. personally, i feel zoya thinks there is no life outside continental us :(

    and i wonder, do they apply the same scroogy policy when manufacturing their stuff?

  5. It is such a shame it is not valid for international followers!


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