Saturday, December 18, 2010

Two Claire's Polishes

I'd never tried Claire's nail polish before...although I did get my ears pierced there many moons ago. But my sweet friend over at Nail Junkie sent me two polishes in a swap, along with some KONAD, which I am still attempting to master.

First up is Neon Burst. Now, above is a picture of three coats on bare nail--kind of streaky. BUT, over a white polish, it becomes opaque and smooth.
I wish I could show you on all four fingers, but I nicked three out of four nails and didn't have time to repaint. Above is one coat of OPI Alpine Snow and two coats of Neon Burst. I love this reminds me of aerosol cheese, which I find completely disgusting. It's just a fun, bright, wacky color!

And now we're looking at Morning in Malibu, which is a fun, punchy pink. I have to keep my eye on this one, because I know my mother will try to snatch this one from me! This is two coats, and it applies very smooth. It has a very slight frost quality to it I think, but it isn't brushtroke-y. And nice and tropical, perfect for these yucky days with ice and snow.

Do you guys own any Claire's polishes? I was surprised by their high quality!

these products were given to me in a swap. see disclosure policy for more information


  1. The only Claire's polish I've ever bought was black a few years ago, and I remember it was awful and chipped like crazyyyy.
    I don't know if they changed their formula, but for the price I usually go with another brand.

  2. I want to try their moody polishes, but I can't find them anywhere

  3. LacquerSmack: Sorry to hear that! Given the price, I can see myself going for another brand first if I think I'll get the better quality, but after trying these I'd still like to test a few more :)

    Beauty Addict: I've seen those and I want to try them, too! I haven't seen them around me, just the layered polishes.

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