Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OPI Katy Perry Collection

Ever since I saw the press release for the OPI Katy Perry Collection, I was seriously excited for these polishes to come out! There are four polishes, co-created and inspired by Katy Perry songs, plus a black crackle topcoat Black Shatter, which I will review separately. Gotta admit, though, not all the polishes lived up to my expectations. See how you feel about them below!

Not Like the Movies is my favorite out of the collection, and that was a surprise for me. I was expecting a kind of sewage-y gray, but I was way wrong. Not Like the Movies is a silver duochrome polish with some shimmer and a metallic finish. The colors flash purple, green, and pink, which you can kind of see in the bottle shot to the right. I love love love this polish! It looks like it is super brushstroke-y in the picture, but in actuality it isn't streaky at all. I think if you pick up one polish from this collection, it should be this one. Not flashy in the least, but that color change it goes through is just so pretty! 3 coats.

Does The One That Got Away remind anyone else of jelly or something on the nail? It looks like some jam spread or something. Right? Well, maybe. It's a pretty berry-magenta shimmer, but nothing special to me. On the right the gold and purple shimmer is really obvious in the bottle, but on the nail it just doesn't transfer. It's a fun color, though, for someone who wants something kind of bright but not flashy. In the picture it looks like there are specks of dust or something on the nail, but it's justs the gold shimmer. 2 coats. Actually, this one kind of reminds me of Essie Showstopper, just because of the gold shimmer.

Okay, onto Last Friday Night. Wow. I am...disappointed. Really disappointed in this polish, for two reasons. One, I was expecting something FABULOUS. Look at the polish in the bottle?! Doesn't it look pretty! But on the nail, what is that? Two, this is just kind of a lame polish. Pretty pretty green and blue and silver glitter with larger, rounder particles. But the base is tinted clear. So really I guess this is a polish better suited for layering. Part of it was my own fault for letting myself get my hopes up, but this one just isn't doing it for me. I'll definitely try it over a bunch of other polishes, though, so tune in for that if you're interested. 2 coats. Just didn't feel like doing any more.

Teenage Dream is pretty similar to Last Friday Night, but pink. It seems to be denser, though. I did use three coats with this one, though. Again, has the potential to be fabulous if it had an opaque base, but it doesn't and it's not.

All in all, I was pretty disappointed with this collection. Not because the polishes are terrible, but they just aren't what I like/was hoping for. I'm not really big on layering, but I will definitely give these polishes a shot to be beautiful yet!

What do you guys think? Did you pick any up? If not, will you now? Tell me :)

Which polish is your favorite from OPI's Katy Perry Collection?

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  1. I'm disappointed, too...I don't really like any of those well enough to buy them.

  2. Me too, I was expecting much more when I saw the colours on th e bottles )=
    Too bad..

  3. Dissapointment :(
    I really want the crackle polish and the One that Got Away. Im such a sucker for bold pink shimmers.

  4. ohhh and i was excited for teenage dream it looks so pretty in the bottle!!! dang!! :(

  5. I just love the one that got away=).
    tnx for the swatches =)

  6. Hmmm, thought that they would be better but after seeing your swatches and reading your comments about it, I'm doubting it :) Thanks for the swatches and review :)

  7. Huh. I was all gung-ho for this collection.. But now I am not sure if I want any of them. Very disappointing - but! My wallet (and myself) thank you very much (:

  8. wow....seeing then on the nail makes me wonder if I will be buying them after all!

    I am now even more excited for China Glaze this spring.

    Disappointing :(

  9. I was disappointed, too, but I hope that they make great layering polishes!

  10. wowww nice nails, very cute...


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