Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nicole by OPI has a new brush!

Does this need it's own post? Not necessarily, but I know I'll forget as soon as I post the One Less Lonely Girl collection, so I'll just say it here! :D

Unfortunately, I don't have any old Nicole by OPI polishes with me right now, so I can't do a comparison shot, but I must say, I love this new brush!

Sorry for the crappy shot! Anyway, this one didn't look like it would be good when I first saw it, but it's terrific! It took me a second to get used to, but it's definitely an improvement over the old one!

Have you tried the new Nicole by OPI brush?


  1. It looks good! Haven't tried it yet but would like to :D

  2. That looks more along the lines of the OPI brush now. I've never been all that impressed with Nicole either way.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this! I got a bottle of One Less Lonely Glitter, and I thought the brush was different, but I didn't have any other NOPIs to compare and I thought I might be making it up. :) I do like the new brush, though!

  4. I love the new brush!

    Megan: I haven't tried tons of their polishes, but the ones that I have have been the new ones, and I've been pleased with those :)

    Zara: Love that color! And yeah I like it :)


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