Sunday, December 26, 2010

A New Blog Feature: YOUR ADVICE HERE!

This may be a lame idea, but I'm throwing it out there! I thought it would be kind of neat for readers to share nail/beauty/body tips and tricks. I know I could always use advice, anyway.

So here's the deal: Leave your nail secrets/ideas/habits in a comment. Each week I'll pick one and post it on the top my sidebar, along with your name and site, if you have one. I'll also make a special tab at the top for each piece of advice we get. It can be anything basic, like a daily routine you have, or your philosophy on beauty itself, or anything in between! Silly, serious, unique, something common. Don't be shy, talk to us! I'll go first this week, just to break the ice. And then I wanna hear what you have to say! Post as many as you want, whenever you think of them :D


  1. Cute Idea!
    When Making a franken, throw in a little topcoat to make sure you creation really shines!

  2. Great idea!

    Before applying nail polish, make sure you have plenty of moisturizer on your fingers, but not on your nails - I like to use the Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick.

  3. Good idea!

    I love plain old Vaseline. Not only do I use it on my lips, but I also use it on my feet/toes. Put some on and then put on a pair of cushy socks. It'll help keep the moisture in and you'll have soft feet. It also keeps the cuticles on your toes nice and soft.

  4. When shaping your nails, make sure the tips are covered in a dark polish. It's easier to create a shape without seeing the white nailparts, but also prevents from splitting!

  5. To make sure your hands stay moisturized, follow the simple "wash your hands once, moisturize them twice" rule!

  6. i have so much advice on nail polishes... how about the idea of having a guest blogger every now and then? it would probably be easier instead of creating another blog lol


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