Monday, December 6, 2010

China Glaze Naughty and Nice Collection [Part 3 of 4]

Oy to the vey. Guess what Thursday is? The last day of my exams! A.k.a. the return of what little sanity I had before I locked myself in the library for fourteen hours straight (yeah, seriously. Although I did take a good fifteen minutes watching the snow and rain fall outside :D )

Anyway, enough about me, more about polish. I want to thank you guys that voted in my poll in the previous post about which type of picture you prefer for my swatches. If you haven't, and you feel like voting, go here and let us know what you think! These swatches are kind of that a try. Okay, okay, less talking more pichas!

Ms. Claus is a clear base that's been tinted red, with silver glitter. There might be some reddish glitter, too--at least, that's what it looked like. This is three coats. After the first coat, I didn't think there was any way to get it opaque in three, but it does build. Removal isn't horrendous--I think because the base is clear, but there are little glitter particles that'll cling to your nail and skin afterwards. It dries gritty, but not as bad as I thought it would be. One thin layer of topcoat would have made it totally smooth. Wow, I had a lot to say about this polish. Since I'm already talking about it, I gotta say, I'm not loving it. I like it better than I thought I would, but I still don't like it. Cute name, though.

Jingle Bells is a pale gold/champagne metallic shimmer. It leaves brushstrokes, but nothing too terrible at all. Two coater.

Nothing terribly unique about Cheers to You, but it's still a gorgeous polish! Two coats gives you a smooth, silver foil finish. Reminds me a lot of FingerPaints Sparkling Snow.

I didn't think I was going to like Mistletoe Kisses, but I do. Kinda. I'd wear it as a pedicure, anyway. It has a green tinted base with silver and green glitter. It's pretty similar to Ms. Claus, only green.

What do you guys think? Did you buy any of these this season? Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

i bought this/these product/products myself. see disclosure policy for more information.


  1. Ilove this collection. Wish I had it :(

    x0x0 Tessa

  2. Love this entire collection, there's a little bit for every one!

  3. I love this collection. I originally bought some of these color because Party Hearty lured me in, but I am happy with the rest of them as well. None are terribly original, but they fill gaps in my collection!

  4. Love the collection!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed on the giveaway as I can't get China Glaze over here... It's so pretty!

  5. Tessa: :) ps, I love your name!

    my leetle nails: I agree

    Varnish Vixen: Some are definitely gap-fillers, but nice versions of the usual colors!

    Beauty Addict: Keep 'em crossed! :)


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