Friday, December 3, 2010

China Glaze Naughty and Nice Collection [Part 2 of 4]

Guys, I think six hours in the library studying is too long for me...I'm pretty sure the walls are closing in on me. So, to distract myself from what could end up being a very trash-chute from Star Wars A New Hope-esque death (you know what I'm talking about right? Right...?), I'm posting more swatches of the CGTTSTBNAN Collection. Haha, what if people were actually calling it that? Anyway, if you missed the first round of swatcholas, check 'em  out here!

Mommy Kissing Santa is a sweet cranberry shimmer. Not anything super unique, but it is very pretty on the nail! 2 coats (almost 1!)

Phat Santa is a red. Not deep, but darker than it's sibling, Ruby Deer. I'll compare them side by side to show the difference in another post. Why not now, you ask? Why, to keep you intrigued, of course! And also because I haven't swatched them side by side yet. Again, this isn't really unique, but it's gorgeous--I'd wear it again. 3 coats.

Sugar Plums is a pretty cool polish; it's a burgundy shimmer with little flecks of holographic glitter. The sun refused to cooperate, so I'm going to try to get another picture of it to show how it sparkles. It dries sort of gritty, so a topcoat might be necessary. 2 coats.

Tonight we'll end with Naughty and Nice. Super dark purple, very close to black. To me this one is nice, but I wouldn't wear it again. 3 coats.

Let's hear those thoughts, opinions, questions, ect! Also, as I kinda mentioned above, I will be doing comparisons after I get all the swatches up, so if you have any requests and I have the polish, I'll show them side by side!

See something you like? Then be sure to enter the giveaway! And now back to studying linguistic anthropology (don't be jealous!)

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  1. linguistic anthropology? very cool! i'm a social science major and i would have wanted to take anthro classes. just couldn't fit them into my schedule. :)

    ps. i really love naughty and nice. deep dark red/purple polishes are my thing.

  2. isea: it's an interesting subject, but the class is zzzzzzz! I'm a Spanish major, so it kind of fits into my studies...but if you're that interested you can come and take the final for me...I won't complain lol ;)

    my leetle nails: It's a great red, I agree!!!


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