Monday, November 8, 2010

Teal Comparison OPI Ski Teal We Drop vs. Color Club Gossip Column

Now that I've eaten my weight in chocolate covered pretzels, it's time for a blog post! Let's compare OPI Ski Teal We Drop and Color Club Gossip Column!

In sunlight or artificial light you can definitely see the difference; Gossip Column is a truer blue, whereas Ski Teal We Drop is more a blacker teal. In the shade, though, it can be hard to tell the difference. I couldn't, of course, get a decent picture in the shade, so you'll just have to trust me on that one :)

Also, you may have noticed I changed my comment format. It should make it easier for me to reply to individual comments and questions. If anyone has any problems, please please please tell me!
***UPDATE: I am going to keep using the Blogger comment form. Sorry for any confusion!


  1. I like the darker Teal in Ski Teal we drop. Gossip Column is really pretty though...I love teals, so its so hard to choose!

  2. I love both colours 'cause none of them is a bright blue... they are both "dead" and cold blues! Love them :D

  3. Remember how I commented earlier that I preferred the OPI for the season? Well, I've no idea why really - except impulse shopping on e-bay - but I ended up ordering the Color Club instead of the OPI which I'd planned to order. I think your swatches got to me even after I'd made up my mind. :P

  4. Varnish Vixen--I don't think I can pick which one I like more.

    Akuma Kanji--I love the "dead" description haha! I agree, though!

    mylittlevanities--Haha, too funny! eBay can have that effect on people...

  5. yes i think blogger comment is the most save and secure! i lost couple times my comments when im using intanse debate ! :(
    i love dark blue color hehe, and love Ski Teal We Drop more!

  6. They're both very pretty, but I think I prefer the OPI.

  7. ipehishere: I agree! I wanted to be able to comment on everyone's comment individually, but I'll settle for Blogger!

    Zara: I forgot to add, it looks great in sunlight! Still dusty and dull, but...I don't know it looks really nice haha.

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  9. I changed my blog name from to name is better

    I love teal gonna try to get gossip column or deep teal nail polish in my collection

  10. Any suggestions for teals to wear this spring and summer 2013? I'm wearing Ski Teal We Drop right now but realize it is from a Fall collection so am thinking I need to get with the times! I don't like sparkly or hot brights, but maybe you guys can recommend a "lighter" teal that still reminds of my fave Ski Teal?


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