Friday, November 12, 2010

Nicole by OPI Holiday Magic Preview

Capture the enchanting spirit of the holiday season with Holiday Magic from Nicole by OPI! For Holiday 2010, Nicole by OPI presents a limited-edition collection of four celebratory shades, ranging from sparkling silver to deep red. Designed to complement winter wardrobes, these festive hues add a magical touch to any occasion.

Bring On the Tinsel
A silver that sparkles even more than tinsel.

Kiss Me at Midnight
This dark red is perfect for night, the best time for a kiss.

Spark My Mistletoe
A red so hot it might cause a real spark.

Stuck in the Chimney
You’ll never forget this red – it will be stuck in your mind.

What do you think? Personally I'm excited for Spark My Mistletoe and Bring On the Tinsel. I wonder if Bring On the Tinsel has some brown in it, or if that's just the picture? I wish there was a little bit more variety, though, color-wise. Any polishes jump out at you?


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