Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tyra Banks's Mask...What Do YOU Think?

Okay, okay, Tyra Banks. Some love her, some hate her. I like her. But WHAT is she wearing here?

Tyra Banks wears a homemade mask at a masquerade ball for French Vogue's 90th anniversary.

Says Ms. Banks: "sum cheap FISHNET stockings I got n crazy store n Paris! I cut em up and made it y'all." Okay, so spelling isn't her forte. Try and look past that.

Now, I might be the only one, but...I'm kinda diggin' this look. It's almost like a spiderweb...just in time for Halloween, right?

What do YOU think? Crazy? Fashionable? Hot or a hot mess?


  1. Meh. I like TB, but I don't care for that mask-thing. But, if she can rock it, more power to her.

  2. I like Tyra. Kind of. I'm not sure yet. Sometimes she just looks fake to me. And on this photo, I think she's trying too hard. She's not Lady Gaga, so she most definitely can't pull it off, IMO. =D

  3. I think this look and Tyra are all 4! LOL

  4. I love tyra. as a model. as a talk show host she blows. i think model tyra could have worked this, but she's lost so much streetcred with that damn show of hers

  5. Megan Harmeyer: It's...interesting. I think she can rock it because she's a famous model. If it was me, people would look at me like I was crazy!

    nihrida: I like her...for the most part. You're right, this is definitely more Lady Gaga-esque.

    tasha~: :)

    Scandalous: AGREED! I mean, I think she has some good things to say, but not every day for an hour!


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