Monday, October 25, 2010

OPI Collaborates with Katy Perry!

I'm sure you guys have already heard about OPI's future collections, The Katy Perry Collection and Glam Slam Collection, created with tennis star Serena Williams, coming in January 2011! But I'm here to reiterate, and to get all giddy about these future let's take a closer look at Katy Perry and OPI's handiwork, shall we?

The Katy Perry Collection is inspired by her latest album, Teenage Dream.

Teenage Dream
A dreamy pink glitter that you're sure to crush on!

The One That Got Away
You always thought you'd marry this amazing deep berry.

Not Like the Movies
This sultry silver is the real deal.

Last Friday Night
T.G.I.F. = This Glittery-blue Is Fierce!

The Black Shatter topcoat will also be released with this collection.

I'm ridiculously excited for this collection, mostly because Katy Perry is part of it! I think Katy Perry is absolutely adorable, funky, and talented. I am dying over Last Friday Night and Teenage Dream...the other two are kind of meh for me, but here's to hoping I'm pleasantly surprised! 

What do you guys think? Loving them, or are they a "pass" for you?


  1. i want theseee i love katy perry!!! <3

  2. ipehishere: :D I'm excited for these, too!!!


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