Saturday, September 11, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection [Part II of II]

What's up, guys and gals? Today we have the second half of the OPI Swiss Collection for you. This is a great collection, in my opinion. I don't love all of the colors personally, but that just means that there is a color in here for everybody, and that, to me, is what makes a collection great. What do you think?

Just A Little Rösti At This is a deep berry hue. This one in particular had a terrific application, just perfectly smooth and even. 2 coats.

William Tell Me About OPI has "vampy" written all over it. I don't own a ton of polishes like this blackened plummy purple, so it was a welcome addition to my stash. It seems a lot of companies this year are releasing colors like this one, and that's fine by me! This one also had a great application, and removal was a snap! I was dreading stained fingers, but I was wrong. 2 coats.

Cuckoo for this Color is one of those amazing colors that I feel OPI doesn't crank out often enough. Great formula, dries smooth, and check out the freakin' color! It's a deep blue-green, I think. Other bloggers have described it as green with a blue shimmer, but to me it has that teal quality. 3 coats.

Yodel Me On My Cell is a beautiful shimmery blue. I mean, look at it. It's bright and cheery, yet deep enough that it's appropriate for fall. I love OPI shimmers and I love OPI blues, so this one was a real treat for me. I'll have to compare it with OPI Sea? I Told You! and OPI Catch Me In Your Net. 3 coats.

Another one of my favorites in this collection has to be Diva of Geneva. Wow. It glows, doesn't it? It's a warm grape purple with magenta shimmer. This was an unexpected WIN for me! 3 coats.

Finally, we'll wrap it up with Glitzerland. This is one of my favorite polishes from the collection. I love the pale gold, the foil finish, the way it catches the light...and it dries smooth. Jackpot, seriously. It reminds me of OPI Dazzled By Gold, so I'll have to compare. 3 coats.

What do you guys think? As I mentioned before, I think this is a great collection, and I never get tired of the "destination" themes. I hope they do one for Sweden soon. Hint hint, OPI ;)

Did you buy any of these? What were your experiences?

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  2. William Tell Me About OPI is the greatest. I justt looove it's vampy-ish look!

  3. First I didn't like Glitzerland, but now I'm beginning to like it more and more and more... :)


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