Thursday, September 16, 2010

Color Club Untamed Luxury: Indulgence Collection

Within the last year I've started wearing Color Club, and it has quickly become one of my favorite brands ever. The collections have a wide variety of colors, the formula is great, and they don't just recycle the same shades over and over. I like that.

Untamed Luxury is a two-part collection, and today we're looking at the Indulgence half. To me these are your rich, haute couture colors, whereas the Diamond half is more funky and colorful.

Pretty in Platinum is one of my favorites. It's a light pearly silver with fine shimmer, which you can see better if you enlarge the picture. This was three coats to get it smooth and even.

Soft as Cashmere is a gray with taupe undertones...very soft looking (hence the name?) It was a good formula; thin in that runny Color Club way that covers great. Three coats to be completely opaque.

Positively Posh is a dark gray with a taupe undertone, and do I detect a smidgen of purple? Same formula as Soft as Cashmere, but it only took two coats for this one.

Wild Orchid, hello! Medium gray base with shimmer...beautiful! The shimmer is silver, but kind of rosy at the same time...the color in the bottle in the picture gives a good indication of what it looks like in the sun. I've never seen an orchid this color, though...just puttin' that out there. 3 coats and it dries smooth.

I love my deep, rich brown polishes, and that includes Nothing But Truffle. Chocolate brown with gold-ish least, to me it appeared to be gold shimmer. Look at it! It's just so yummy! 2 coats for a smooth finish.

Jewel of a Girl is a dark berry-purple with shimmer. Some hints of brown, too. This was almost a one coater, it was so rich and smooth. 2 coats.

Ready to Royal is a dark, vampy eggplant, similar to OPI William Tell Me About OPI but blacker. This seems to be a big color this fall. 2 smooooooth coats. Like, it just glided onto the nail perfectly.

Awesome fall collection. The cremes were thin and spreadable, while the shimmers were smooth and opaque. Color Club, you have made me quite happy here. What are your favorites? Have you picked any up yet?

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