Thursday, August 26, 2010

A wedding and a funeral...

Wheeeeeew. I finally feel like I'm back in the swing of things! Whatever that really means. This past weekend I was in Long Island for my cousin's wedding and then my great-grandmother's funeral, and I just now caught up on everything!

The wedding was just fabulous. Seriously, that's what I want my wedding to look like. It was just so elegant and understated. If my uncle ever sends me the pictures he snapped of me dancing like a lunatic, I'll post 'em up here just for the hell of it. I am beyond thrilled for my cousin B and his new bride, C! They are two crazy fun, crazy smart, crazy amazing people, and I'm so happy they've found each other.

My great-grandmother's funeral was also wonderful, in a different way. At 105 years old, we can only really marvel at the life she lived, the things she saw, and wonder how not one person can remember a time when she was angry or upset. She drove until she was 99 and lived alone until she was 101. She made sculptures out of seashells she found at the beach and kept a huge bottle of Jack Daniels under the bathroom sink. There is not one picture of her where she isn't smiling or laughing.

One of my favorite stories of her is the time she fell, broke her nose, and called my grandparents to take her to the hospital. When they got to her house she was smiling in spite of everything, and as they tried to rush her into the car, she adamantly refused. When they pressed her, she simply told them why she would not budge: she was not going to leave the house looking anything less than perfect; she had just painted her nails and they were going to sit and wait until they were sufficiently dry before they rushed out to the ER like a bunch of unkempt lunatics.

Her funeral was just how she would have wanted it: a joyous occasion recounting all of the great times we had with her. It is sad to know she is gone until we remember the great life she lived. I have literally nothing but fond memories of her and I am happy to know she is at peace.

Wow. I appreciate you letting me just let it all out here! Soon there will be real posts, I promise. But for now, I'm treasuring the time I spent with my family this past weekend! Ciao!

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