Thursday, August 26, 2010

G2 Organics DNA Polishes

Organic nail polish...does it get any better than that? In a word, nope. So here for you I have this cool trio of polishes called DNA from G2 Organics! A little back story, and then the polishes!

The Co-founders of G2 Organics LLC, Cherie Corso and Marie-Elena Lamari, infuse love and positive spiritual energy into every one of their all natural, organic, non-toxic, and non-polluting beauty products.

Marie and Cherie share a common goal of providing consumers with a choice: better beauty products with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. And, they view G2 Organics as a way to empower people to live happier, healthier, more positive lives. To honor both of their mothers, a portion of the proceeds from every G2 Organics product supports cancer research and education.

The DNA Nail Polish Set is composed of three colors: 
Dark, Natural, and Alchemy. Check them out below!

Natural is very, very natural. It's a milky pink, but super super super sheer. This is three coats. Perfect for a natural nail color, but not for me.

Dark is a brown-based black that dries completely black. It is a thin formula but opaque in two coats. 
Incredibly shiny, too, as you can see in the above pic.

Alchemy. Dear, sweet Alchemy. I'm smitten! Alchemy is a deep plum with a blue shimmer. Incredible on the nail. Two coats and it was opaque.
I wish my pictures did it justice.

G2 Organics also has an organic nail polish remover, which worked like a dream on these polishes. I have yet to try it on another brand of polishes, though. Each bottle of polish comes with a little mini bottle for touch-ups on the go.

Polish Ingredients: [95% Organic]
Water Acrylate, Copoymer, Titanium Dioxide, Propylene Glycol, Neolone 950, Mica, Red, Blue, Black

Polish Remover Ingredients:
Aloe Vera, Butyl Diglycol, Embittering Agent, Ethyl Alcohol, Vitamin E, Spiritually Enhancing Reiki Charged Crystals

What do you think? Have you guys tried any G2 Organics products? Do you prefer your nail polish all natural?



  1. I've never heard of this brand, but they are really nice! I would wear them...Not sure the natural color would look good on me, but it looks great on you! You have super pretty natural nails. :-) I absolutely can't stand my natural nails. lol....they always have to be pained. I would def. wear the other colors though.

  2. I definitely recommend them!

    Thanks for the compliment ;) My natural nails bug me...from the pic you can't see the stains underneath my nails that i can't reach! And my index fingernails are crooked haha! But thanks so much lol...

  3. Hello, I really enjoy your blog, . I have a blog in France, maybe you could visit me and we could add each other to our favorites, what do you think about that? see you soon....

  4. Thanks Bibi! I will check your blog out!

  5. Found your Blog from your comment on Mary's blog (Body & Soul) don't make any mention of the odor of the polish and I'm curious if it's true what they say on their website... How's the smell?

  6. There is a very faint smell, but it isn't chemical at all; I guess I would compare it to aloe vera. Same goes for the remover

  7. Why do these photos have an almost foggy look to them? Or is it me?

  8. kellie, I think it's just my camera :/


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