Friday, July 2, 2010

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat: I'm in Love!

Yeah, I am. I am in love with a tiny bottle of magical clear liquid. Allow me to elaborate on our sordid affair.

I always do my nails at night, wait for them to dry, and then go to bed. That way I can't really mess them up. I wake up the next morning and they are completely dry. But who wants to wait till the wee hours of the night to paint her nails? There have been times I've wanted to slap on a new polish in the middle of the day, but I didn't, because I knew I would smudge them. So I started researching on quick dry top coats. I browsed the blogs, read testimonies, and finally came up with what I hoped would be the solution to my little dilemma.

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat did not disappoint. According to some of you gals out there, a coat of Seche Vite dries nails to the touch in about 10 minutes, and completely in about an hour. So imagine my surprise when I was tuning into my regularly schedule program (Family Guy), applied the polish over my wet OPI Bubble Bath, and then five minutes later touched my nail. I did that hesitant, super-light touch, you know the kind to see how dry the nail is? Dry. Completely dry to the touch. I don't know if I should post a "results not typical" warning here or not, but seriously. Five freakin' minutes later, I could go about my daily business and not have to worry about ruining my manicure.

Now, they were not dry dry after five minutes. I wasn't going to start scratching at them, because they were still malliable if I really dug my fingernail into them. But an hour and ten minutes later and it was like I had gone to bed, slept ten hours (who am I kidding, five), and woke up with dry nails. Unbelievable. This is one of the lamest sentences I have ever uttered, but this fast drying topcoat has changed my life. Or, okay, maybe just the way I paint my nails.

Have any of you guys tried Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat? What were your results. Will you try it now? Or do you use a different fast dry top coat?


  1. I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat, and in my experience it dries nails to the touch in about thirty seconds to a minute. I've never tried Seche Vite, but I've heard that it has tip shrinkage issues, and I've never had shrinkage problems with Insta-Dri (I'm on my third bottle). While it does thicken up quite a bit over time, I just add thinner as it's needed.

  2. Oh Zara, now I have to give that one a shot, too! I have heard about tip shrinkage with SV, but it was not the case with me. Thirty seconds to a minute is amazing!

  3. I use SV and think I would be lost without it! LOL! I haven't gotten the tip shrinkage either, but have heard of it happening.

  4. I have never gotten tip shrinkage with SV. I find my nails dry to the touch in 5 minutes or less and in about 15-20 minutes they are completely dry.

  5. Serena: I've used SV a few times since posting this and I still haven't seen any tip shrinkage, either. This stuff is great!

  6. Ali's Nail News: Glad to see I'm not the only one who would be lost without it! Haha!

  7. diamants-d'ebenes: I think so! I've been incredibly pleased with the results!

  8. While I do love SV, I recently met this other interesting topcoat, 'Out the door' from INM. It's thinner than SV and dries equally fast. You could say that SV is my husband and OtD my lover. Nail polish-wise, of course ;).

  9. I'm a huge fan of insta-dri too. I actually paint my nails in bed, apply insta-dri top coat, fall asleep and wake up to perfect nails in the morning!

  10. I LOVE Seche Vite, I would be lost without it!

    My nails are completely dry in 30min to an hour, depending on how many coats I am wearing underneath.

    I have tried sally hansen insta dry, it's great but it doesn't fully dry the polish as SV does.

    I've done a trial where I used different top coats on each nail and the only one that was perfect & shiny next day was the one I used SV.

    You can get shrinkage with any fast drying top coat, but if you seal the tips, you don't get it... problem solved! :)


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