Sunday, July 18, 2010

Revlon Double Twist Base/Top Coat Review

I just spent a week in Vermont with my cousins at my grandparents' house and, of course, I had to put some nail polish on. After raiding my grandmother's stash I found a nice OPI pink (shocking) and topped it off with a layer of Revlon Double Twist Base/Top Coat Review. Long name, but we can just abbreviate it to RDTB-slash-TCR, or something like that.

Anyway, my nails took a beating this week. It wasn't just an average go-to-class-gym-store-ect. type of week. In five days I managed to go tubing and waterskiing on the lake repeatedly, dig through the garden for vegetables, move the dock into the water, move the dock out of the water, move the dock back into the water (yeah, it was getting old), canoe, sail, and do some heavy-duty cleaning. It's rural Vermont. If you don't get out of the air conditioning-less house and away from the lack of internet connection and places where the cell phone towers don't reach, you'll go nuts. See me on the right side of the picture. Notice how I manage to look glamorous as I careen through the air.

And through it all, my nails held up! With only one chip on my right index finger, they look as nice as the day I painted them. There was also a very teeny chip on my right thumb, but it was so small that when I took a picture of it, you couldn't see it. My left hand did not chip at all.

It also claims to be fast drying. My nails were dry to the touch in about 30 minutes, but for this kind of protection, I can overlook the fact that it isn't the fastest drying top coat out there.

The Revlon Double Twist Base/Top Coat costs six bucks in drugstores up in Vermont, but I can't say how much it retails for in other stores. Any of you guys ever tried this top coat, or any Revlon top coats? What were your experiences like?


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