Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OPI Don't Know...Beets Me!

Last of Grandma's pretty pink polishes! OPI Don't Know...Beets Me! is a hot pink creme with blue undertones.

Applied like butter, I tell you! I thought for sure I had another three coater on my hands, but it was opaque and ready to go in two. It also dried rather quickly. It's not a color I would necessarily pick up, but it is a nice shade to wear. It's perfect for Grandma and her collection of pink. But what kind of beets are fuschia? I could consult Beet Master Dwight Schrute, but I'll just chalk it up to some kind of artistic liberty on OPI's part. Don't Know...Beets Me! is from the OPI Brights Collection from summer 2006? Don't quote me on the year.


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