Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble...

Okay the title is cute, the actual bubbling of nail polish is not. You do a nice manicure, only to find teeny little dots and craters on the nail surface. AKA bubbling. Click to enlarge and you'll see what I mean.

What causes bubbling? Really any number of things. For me, I'm pretty sure it was the overhead ceiling fan blowing that caused my issue tonight. In the past, I've discovered other problems don't help: if your nail is oily (I usually just wipe it down with acetone if that's the case), laying the polish on too thick without letting each coat enough time to drive, if you're sitting where there's a draft.

Have you guys discovered any other things that cause bubbling? Or, better yet, a sure-fire way to avoid it? I'll be redoing my manicure without the fan on this time, and that should take care of it, I believe.

PS: Above is OPI What's With the Cattitude? Ignore the yellow on my's leftover Who the Shrek are You?


  1. Bubbling makes me stabby. I find if your topcoat is too thick, you're likely to get bubbles. This is one reason I quit using Seche Vite. Also, if the TC and polish don't play nice, then you are apt to get bubbles. Actually the worst offender for me is RBL. It bubbles like mad with just about every TC except for SH Insta-Dri.

  2. Ugh, that's a good point, Megan, I forgot to mention that one about the top coat! I haven't experienced that with SV, but I know of a bunch of people who have. Above I used Nailtek II as a topcoat (as they suggest) and there was practically an explosive chemical reaction on my nails. Well, not really, but you know haha.

    I've also heard that with RBL you get bubbles, which to me is absurd. If you pay that much for a polish, you should never have to consider bubbles. But, that's just my opinion. I have yet to try RBL, so I can't comment, but from what I've heard it's, like you said, one of the worst offenders. Thanks for your input!

  3. I hate it when I have bubbles...:-) I've noticed it can happen if my nails surface is not smooth, so I use the buffer, and beside, I agree with all the reasons you've mentioned. Oh, and it also happened to me some times with the Poshe topcoat..

    And that color is beautiful !

  4. Tuli--sometimes if my nails are not buffed, I get bubbles, too. I've never tried Poshe topcoat before, but if I see it I'll give it a shot, just to see. And I LOVE this color!

  5. You didn't shake the bottle did you :o
    i find the top reasons for bubbling is:
    1. shaking the bottle
    2. not waiting long enough between coats
    3. if it's applied too thicky or you went over the same area a few times when wet

    But oh man, I get pissed even if I see one bubble! I'll sit there debating to redo the whole nail or not lol

  6. For being 18 bucks a pop, RBL's are a fickle bunch. When I first got them (after the big sale last year), I was so pissed when the first few manis I tried bubbled like mad.

    Turns out, they didn't play nice with my TC or BC. At the time, I was using Dermelect BC and OTD TC and ugh... Dermelect Launchpad+RBL+Out the Door= a bubbly mess. I was pretty fed up. I've since learned that with RBLs, I have to use a sticky BC (I just use the cheap one from TD) and SH Insta-Dri and even then I'll get a few bubbles here and there. I've heard that Nubar Diamont is great w/ RBL, I just have yet to order from Nubar because of the high shipping fees (that and the fact they won't answer my PR requests. LOL :P)

    Sometimes, with a polish I know is going to bubble (cremes are more apt to do it than shimmers), I will totally forego the BC (honestly, I've been doing that more and more lately anyway).

    But that's one reason I'm foregoing the RBL Tudor pre-buy. For being so spendy, I don't get the "hand of god" application that so many people claim to get. I have 13 of them and they just sit in their pretty boxes. Honestly, I think the only reason I ordered the last three is because of Ji on Facebook. She's so accessible that it makes me want to purchase from her.

  7. milan and vanaily: I have heard that shaking the bottle causes bubbles, but it has never been an issue for me. This particular time the only thing I think I did "wrong" was the ceiling fan haha. It's happened before. But you are absolutely right--all of those can cause bubbling...especially when I go over the same spot with a streaky creme and it's wet and then it's just a bubbly mess and Ahh! I know! Then I just want to repaint it!

    A Polish Problem: I actually hardly ever use a BC...not out of principle or anything. Just laziness. Only if it's a dark color that I know will stain will I use a BC. But I know, Nubar does have high shipping fees. (And they never answered my PR requests either! Haha!) Those RBLs do have pretty boxes, and their colors are so unique, but I would love the quality assurance before I shell out the money. I had no idea Ji was on Facebook, but that's just so neat to me. She seems like a "normal" person that just happens to dabble in nail polish, which I guess, in the end, is what every designer is. But ANYWAY, back to bubbling. I am hesitant to try RBLs for fear of bubbling.

  8. nice color :) sorry for bubbles :(

  9. Lily nail: it's one of my favorite polishes, now, because of the color!

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