Friday, June 25, 2010

Chipped Nail Polish: the Ultimate Finger Fashion Faux Pas? What Do YOU Think?

Cue the horror movie music. Da da da!!!!!!!

After reading you guys' blogs religiously for about a year now, I've noticed that the general consensus seems to be that chipped nail polish is a big no-no. For some it's sounds like forgetting to put on a topcoat before leaving the house is as bad as forgetting to put a top on. Others frown on it, but it's not so much a life or death issue. But how many of you out there don't care?

I don't like wearing chipped nail polish. I don't. When I get sizeable chunks of color missing from my fingers I feel like it's time to change polishes all together. And, like many of you (or at least, I hope at least some of you, so I'm not crazy all by myself!) do, I start thinking of what my next lacquer will be. However, I the actual sight of chipped nail polish doesn't bother me. I'm not ashamed to hand the cashier money for my Star Magazine (hey, a girl's gotta keep up with her current events) knowing full well that she'll see my worn tips. But I certainly do feel a lot better about myself (dare I say, proud, even) when I have a nice, full, flawless mani. I do realize, however, that there are more important things in life to concern myself with than a less than perfect mani. Most of the time.

Seeing chipped nail polish on other girls? I could care less. What about you guys? Chicks pass me by all the time and I, of course, notice their nail polish. Most of the time, it looks nice. But you do get that token chip every now and then. I just assume that she isn't as obsessed as I am with nail polish. But what runs through you guys'  mind?

On the other hand, I do cringe when I see celebrities with chipped nail polish. Running to the food store or leaving the gym, no. But on the freaking red carpet? While normal people (if we're calling celebrities "normal people") probably would not give as much thought to what polish they'll don and how it will go with their outfits like most of us out here do, you're on the red carpet. There are paparazzi out the ass surrounding you. People are coming out of the woodwork to take your picture or videotape you, and that shiz is gonna hit the internet forever. So I get a little dismayed when I see a beautiful ball gown, a perfect updo, dazzling jewelry, and beat up fingernails. Here's a shot of Lindsay Lohan a few years ago, sporting some less-than-perfect talons.

So what do YOU think? Is chipped nail polish okay for day to day life only, or should your fingers be looking perfect at every opportunity? Or, you might be from the Who the Hell Cares side of town. I don't know. What's on your mind, peeps?


  1. I actually notice chipped polish on everyone and it drives me batty! I mean a minor chip no biggie, everyone gets that, but when multiple fingers have more natural nail than polish showing...take the daggone stuff OFF!

  2. Lindsay Lohan having shipped nails on the red carpet??? I cant image. she makes me stabby on so many levels.

    what bugs me more than chipped finger nail polish is toe nail polish that looks like it was applied 6 months ago...

  3. HELLO....


  4. I hate chipped polish on myself and on others. Would you go out wearing lipstick on your teeth or mascara smudged under your eyes? Then why go out with chipped polish? If I see even a tiny chip on me that's not even easy to see I have to either touch it up or change my mani.

  5. Scandalous: I definitely notice it on other people. But yeah, if more nail than polish is showing, it might be time for a new mani.

    LisaInFL: Eww, that is pretty gross the way people just throw on toe nail polish and don't think about it again. I don't change my toenail polish as often as I change my fingernail polish, but still. Come on. Bleck haha.

    SandrHa OrtHer: I liked the bag, too!

    Millie: Good point. It's kind of curious, though. Why would most people be horrified to have lipstick on their teeth or smudged mascara, but not chipped nail polish? Why is nail polish typically not one of those things you have to maintain for a lot of girls? If I have a particularly awesome mani, one little chip will send me to touch it up, like you :)


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