Monday, June 28, 2010

OPI Summer Flutter Collection

I broke down and bought these suckers at Ulta the other day when I was picking up some routine supplies. Hey, they're minis. So it's considered a mini-splurge, right? Anyway, I know OPI Summer Flutter Collection is old news for most of you by now, but these polishes were just the kind I had to actually try for myself.

Word of caution: these aren't the best swatches. My nails are quite stubby at the moment but I wanted to review these now because I'm going out of town soon. If you want good pics, head over to Kellie's blog Also Known As... because she has some of the best swatches of this collection I've seen yet.

Flit a Bit. Meh. An orange creme with that's more yellow than orange. Nice color, but not unique. How awesome would this have been with a little yellow shimmer or something? But alas, this is what we're looking at here. It reminds me of OPI In My Back Pocket, but I'd have to compare them side by side. I used three coats to smooth it out, but two is doable. Do-able? Is that even a real word?

Flower to Flower is a pretty pink with silver shimmer. I didn't really care for this in any swatches I saw online, and looking at it in my picture, I'm not in love, but on my nails, it actually looks pretty darn good! Must be the way it catches the light or something, but I would certainly wear this baby again. Two coats and it was smooth and opaque.

Wing It! is a fruit punch red with silver, blue, and red shimmer. Or at least, that's how it appears to me. It definitely flashes blue under some lights, silver in others. In real life it's like POW! I don't know that I would wear this again on my fingers, but definitely on my toes. Ugh, and I hate when polish names have punctuation in them. Seriously, this polish is loud enough. It does not need an exclamation point to confirm this. I used four coats to get rid of the VNL (not on my nails, because they're super short at the moment, but on my friend's nails.)

Can I just say, before we get down to the nitty gritty, that if I was a mermaid, this would so be the color of my tail. Or fin. Whatever you call it, how friggin' amazing is this? Catch Me In Your Net is hands down my favorite from this collection. Weird name, but I can look past that and into the ocean of shimmery glitter. At first I thought this was just dupe for OPI Sea? I Told You! but no. Catch Me In Your Net is greener, deeper and richer, with a hell of a lot more sparkle. Well done, OPI, well done. Opaque in three coats.

Bottom line, it's a cute small collection, right onboard with what OPI normally releases around this time of year. The polishes all wear great and dried smooth. In each picture I used a coat of Seche Vite. Anything catching your eye? Or have you passed on this collection?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chipped Nail Polish: the Ultimate Finger Fashion Faux Pas? What Do YOU Think?

Cue the horror movie music. Da da da!!!!!!!

After reading you guys' blogs religiously for about a year now, I've noticed that the general consensus seems to be that chipped nail polish is a big no-no. For some it's sounds like forgetting to put on a topcoat before leaving the house is as bad as forgetting to put a top on. Others frown on it, but it's not so much a life or death issue. But how many of you out there don't care?

I don't like wearing chipped nail polish. I don't. When I get sizeable chunks of color missing from my fingers I feel like it's time to change polishes all together. And, like many of you (or at least, I hope at least some of you, so I'm not crazy all by myself!) do, I start thinking of what my next lacquer will be. However, I the actual sight of chipped nail polish doesn't bother me. I'm not ashamed to hand the cashier money for my Star Magazine (hey, a girl's gotta keep up with her current events) knowing full well that she'll see my worn tips. But I certainly do feel a lot better about myself (dare I say, proud, even) when I have a nice, full, flawless mani. I do realize, however, that there are more important things in life to concern myself with than a less than perfect mani. Most of the time.

Seeing chipped nail polish on other girls? I could care less. What about you guys? Chicks pass me by all the time and I, of course, notice their nail polish. Most of the time, it looks nice. But you do get that token chip every now and then. I just assume that she isn't as obsessed as I am with nail polish. But what runs through you guys'  mind?

On the other hand, I do cringe when I see celebrities with chipped nail polish. Running to the food store or leaving the gym, no. But on the freaking red carpet? While normal people (if we're calling celebrities "normal people") probably would not give as much thought to what polish they'll don and how it will go with their outfits like most of us out here do, you're on the red carpet. There are paparazzi out the ass surrounding you. People are coming out of the woodwork to take your picture or videotape you, and that shiz is gonna hit the internet forever. So I get a little dismayed when I see a beautiful ball gown, a perfect updo, dazzling jewelry, and beat up fingernails. Here's a shot of Lindsay Lohan a few years ago, sporting some less-than-perfect talons.

So what do YOU think? Is chipped nail polish okay for day to day life only, or should your fingers be looking perfect at every opportunity? Or, you might be from the Who the Hell Cares side of town. I don't know. What's on your mind, peeps?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

BB Couture Cantina Nights Collection (Part 1)

Summer is almost officially here, can you believe it? Well, with all the summer collections coming out, yeah, you probably can. Nevertheless, BB Couture is giving us cocktail-themed colors and after trying these out I was certainly impressed. Take a look! And ignore my cuticles...they're looking a little rough these days.

Let's start out with one of my favorites from the collection, Tequila Sunrise. Love it! A sunny coral with an orange shimmer. I am definitely going to be wearing this one a lot this summer. This was a three coater.

Hangover Blues gave me some problems, but I feel like a more experienced manicurist could make it less streaky. Above is three coats. I love the color, though. It seems like a muted version of China Glaze For Audrey, one of my favorite polishes. I'll have to try this one again with a few drops of thinner in the bottle. Normally, I wouldn't bother, but I love the color. Oh, and my hands look ridiculously wrinkled, but I was just clenching my fingers against the bottle, I swear!

Sex on the Beach. Welcome to my fave! I love this polish. A warm cherry red with gold glitter! I mean, I like red polishes. I believe they are a staple in any polish stash. But rarely do I find one that I am in love with. But I'm rocking this one on my toes right now! I used three thin coats, but I probably could have used another one to hide the VNL. Thicker coats would take care of that problem, though.

Next we have Huckleberry Martini. The shimmer in this one isn't so obvious in all lightings, but in the sun it really pops. Unfortunately, the clouds appeared right as I was about to snap the picture and didn't go away, so we've got an artificial lighting. And, as you know, purples are notorious for photographing inaccurately, so below is a better idea of what it really looks like.
This was three coats, as well.

Pina Colada. Yum! And the perfect name for this polish. Now, this was kind of my problem child of the bunch. Five coats. Truly, I don't mind, but there are some people that are vehemently opposed to that many layers. And even though I would never pick this color out myself, I will definitely wear this one again!

Kiwi Margarita didn't do anything for me in the bottle, but I'm actually quite pleased with the results on the nail. This took four coats to build up opacity. I'm not sure if some of these are meant to be worn sheer or not, but I don't do sheers. It's not that I don't like the look of them; it's that my bare nails are never really something I want to show off. Anyway, this is funky but subtle, with what I guess I would call sparse glitter throughout.

The name Grasshopper kind of threw me. What does an insect have to do with alcoholic drinks? One Google search later, I realized that it's one of those creme de menthe deals. Interesting. Four coats for this one, too.

Blue Bahama is another winner for me. Two coats and it dries smooth. I love this color, more than I expected to, actually. It reminds me of the Kool-Aid drinks some moms used to bring to soccer practice for the team.
Anybody remember those? With the flimsy plastic bottles?

These were the first BB Couture polishes I've ever tried and I would definitely buy more! The opacity issue on a few of the colors might be a turn off for some, but layering them is another possibility as well. Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada, Grasshopper, and Kiwi Margarita dried with a gritty finish, so those that don't normally wear a top coat would probably want to slap one on over those. What are your thoughts? Will you be picking any of these up? If so, which ones?



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