Friday, March 19, 2010

Just two random nails...

Whew! It feels good to be back. I've been kind of AWOL for a while, but hopefully that's going to change now. Anyway, here are two nail art attempts I did a while is acryclic mold and one is water marbling.

"Can you turn my black roses red? 'Cause I'm feeling like I'll blame it on love..." The Alana Grace song was the inspiration behind this nail.

The red is Entity Beauty Red and the black is Orly Black Vinyl. The acrylic mold is Mini Rose Petal (No. SI012) from 3-D Nail Art.
I added more petals to the nail...still doesn't look great, but better than my previous attempts. Haha...

Next I did a water marble nail that reminds me of a peacock.
I'm going to guess which polishes I used...I had them set out so I could record them here, but for some weird reason I actually cleaned up my room and put them where they belong. So I'm going to do my best from memory: Essie Aruba Blue, Np2 Atomic, Color Club Electronica, and some lighter color...maybe a light blue or white?

Anyway, I love water marbling because it's kind of hard to screw it up (although I have managed to a couple of times...but another story for another day.)

I've also been dying to purchase Konad plates, but my bank account says otherwise at the moment, so hopefully soon!

So while you're here, just let me know...what's your favorite type of nail art. Do you even like nail art? Have a great day, all!

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  1. lovely 3D mani !!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!


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