Friday, February 5, 2010

New Nicole by OPI Polishes

Right now I'm looking at five new polishes that will be available this month from Nicole by OPI. Very fun and summer-y! Take a look!

Yellow It's Me. The name cracked me up, but that's nothing new. This is a soft but bright (oxymoron?) yellow with red shimmer. Very cool, right? It was a on the sheer side, but it is definitely buildable. Above is four coats.

Next we're looking at Make Mine Lime. This one reminds me of a lime popsicle or a slushy margarita. I put on two coats, but in retrospect, three would have probably made it even greener. Either way, I like this one!

Fresh Squeezed. Great name, nice color. Not terribly unique; I think most of us have seen an orange like this before. It seems to have the same base color as Entity Pearl Orange, but for some reason it reminds me more of China Glaze Orange Marmalade. I like this one better than Orange Marmalde, however.

I'm positive I had a little mini bottle of nail polish that came with a Barbie when I was younger that looked just like this, You're An Angel. Sparkly Barbie pink. The goldish shimmer among the pink shimmer makes this one pop on the nails.

Last but not least, I Stop For Nicole. A reddish pink with red/pink shimmer and, like You're An Angel, what seems to be a little gold shimmer, too. This one looks like it would make a great Valentine's Day mani.

These will be available this month if you're interested. Personally, I recommend you pick up at least one to pull you out of this winter slump we're in and into summer.


Also, I forgot to mention this on my previous post as well; sorry for the wonky pics, but I had to start swatching on my right hand after a freak snow-shoveling incident left me with some unattractive nails on my left hand.


  1. Nice colours! I really like You're An Angel.

  2. Thanks! I wonder how it compares with China Glaze Strawberry Fields??


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