Friday, February 5, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante Collection

For spring 2010, Color Club has brought us Rebel Debutante, a collection of nine sophisticated cremes in a wide variety of hues. With a few exceptions, the polishes just glided on and the formula dried nice and glossy in two coats. I'll spare you the blahblahblah and just get down to it, okay?

We begin with one of my favorite colors from this collection; Who Are You Wearing? is a white-washed pale pink. Tame, but quite chic, in my opinion. I used three coats for an even finish.

High Society is a cool gray with taupe undertones. It reminds me of Essie Chinchilly, which I don't own, so I can't really compare them. Like most of these shades, it's strong but subtle.

I was surprised at how much I liked Best Dressed List. In the bottle it looks more golden, but on the nail it's a soft, ruddy light brown.

Charity Ball reminds me of the Crayola Crayon Bittersweet. Anyone remember which one I'm talking about? It's a very orange mahogany that leans towards red...I don't know if I'd call it a brown or a dark orange.

Uptown Girl, you know I can't afford to buy her pearls...Billy Joel, anyone? Moving on, Uptown Girl is a pretty grayed out purple. Again, another fun color, but not too wild.

She's Sooo Glam was my problem child. It was definitely the streaky one of the bunch. But I love the color. It's a dark pastel pink, which this picture really doesn't capture accurately. Above is three coats, and it's still not as even as I'd like it to be. With a top coat and a steady hand, though, I'm sure you could get it to work.

I'm not sure why purples are so hard to photograph, so keep in mind that Ms. Socialite is a tad more pink that the picture above would suggest. It's kind of like OPI Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not without the shimmer. I really like this grape-y purple.

WOW. I was nervous about this one, which rocks the name of the entire collection, Rebel Debutante. A mint, slightly neon green? Streak City, right? WRONG. This creme applied flawlessly in two coats! I could gush about this one forever, but suffices to say I am incredibly pleased with this baby!

Finally, we come to gorgeous Gossip Column. Awesome name, awesome shade. Pictures don't do this dark, slightly muted teal justice. I wonder how it would compare with Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal? I will certainly be wearing this one a lot this season.

Well, what do you think, folks? I love this appropriate but bright and fun. What do you think? Rebel Debutante is available now online.


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  1. She's So Glam and Rebel Debutante look amazing!!! Must add them to my list...


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