Thursday, February 18, 2010

3D Nail Art Molds

As some of you already know, I am not exactly the master of all things nail art. But I got some neat acrylic molds from 3D Nail Art and I've been working on my form, so to speak. Being the way that I am, I got frustrated when, on my first try, they didn't come out perfect (by the way, these are my third attempts at these things, haha!) I'll continue to practice, though, and hopefully I'll have some decent ones to have in the future. By the way, I only have white acrylic powder at the moment, so I tried to spruce up the base of the nails with some contrasting colors.

The first mold I have is Orchid (No.SI009.) If you check out the website, it has pictures of what kind of beautiful nails you can make with these; instead, you get to see mine. The base is Color Club Uptown Girl from the recent Rebel Debutante collection.

You can see where I didn't quite get all the powder into the mold and some of it spilled over onto the edges, making a thin sort of "left over" flap on the petals.
Close up of the flower.

The second mold is called Mini Rose Petal (No. SI012.) As you can see, the pictures on the website show the nail art done with clay and not acrylic.
For the base I used Entity Scarlet. Please ignore the blob of nail polish in the center of the nail. I think this one turned out a little bit better than the first one, but, like I said, I'll keep practicing; you can again see the "left over" that spilled out from the mold a little bit on the sides of the petal.

The rose gives you a little more wiggle room because you can stack the petals on top of each other and kind of hide the imperfections.

Thoughts, comments, questions? Like I said, definitely check out the website. Here is the page that lists the two plates that I have, plus all the other ones. I can't wait till I get good at these...or at least better...but no where to go but up, right?


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